Kosher. What? Why? How?

**Please click through to the Wikipedia links in {brackets} for more detailed explanations.**

I mentioned the other day that we were making our home {kosher}.  A few people asked why.  A few asked how it was done.  Paul is asking if I am crazy!

I grew up in a kosher home.  My mom’s parents were/are also kosher.

Paul did not grow up in a kosher home.

When we got married and moved into our house I suggested we make the house kosher.  We had more than enough space in the kitchen including two sinks (for meat and milk).  Paul wasn’t too keen and I didn’t NEED to be kosher so we left it.

Then we had kids and those kids go to a Jewish play school and a Jewish nursery school.  They are learning {yiddishkeit} and probably know more about Jewish customs and laws than I do.

Towards the end of last year Aaron started asking if we were kosher, if the food we ate was kosher and if not why not.  After some discussion we decided that it was time to make our home kosher.

Let me stop here and say that we didn’t do this JUST for the kids.  If we were not ready to make this huge change, as a family, we would have come up with a dozen reasons not to do it.  The truth is, this is just the right time to take this step.

So, what went into making our home kosher.

One of the most basic tenets of kashrut is {not mixing meat and milk}, you cant cook them together, eat them together, have them on the same plate or wash the dishes together.

So my darling mother got nagged to death until she relented and came over to the house and helped me sort out the kitchen.  She helped clear cupboards and shelves and sort out dishes and platters and plates and pots and pans.  Then she helped me repack everything back into their new shelves and cupboards.  Thank heavens we had enough kitchen stuff to separate pretty much everything out. I only had enough crockery for one set, so after the house was officially kashered I went to MrP and bought two sets of crockery, plates, side plates and bowls, 6 of each, a black set for milk and a white and red set for meat.

All glassware (glasses, bowls, platters) can be kashered by submerging them in a vat of water for three days (changing out the water every 24 hours).  A bathtub is useful here but not if you only have one tub and two children who wont shower.  A plastic basin also works.

 At this point our home is not kosher yet, we are going to start practising by separating the kitchen into milk and meat.

The next step was to remove any non kosher food products from the house and to start buying only kosher products and meat and chicken.

This is possibly the most expensive part of being or becoming kosher.  Kosher meat and chicken is far more expensive than regular meat or chicken, due partly to the nature of the slaughtering and also to the fact that there must be a {mashgiach} present who needs to be paid.

We practised keeping kosher for about six weeks and then came time to actually make the house kosher.  The wonderful {Kobie Cohen} came over one evening and spent about two and a half hours kashering the kitchen and the things in it.

He set up a really really large industrial urn, filled it up and left it to reach boiling.  While that was getting ready, Kobie filled his kettle and turned it on to boil as well as plugged in an iron to heat up.  Once the water was boiling he poured small amounts of the bubbling water over the counter tops and then ‘ironed’ the water.

Let me just tell you, if you ever want sparkling clean, brand new looking and feeling counter tops, this is the way to go.  I have melamine counters.  Kobie asked me to run my fingers over the surface before he poured the water and again once he had ironed the water and mopped it up.  The counters before were slightly bumpy, not quite sticky/tacky.  After, they were smooth and shiny.  So much built up dirt and grime gone in under 30 seconds!

Anyway, he continued around the kitchen and repeated the process on all the surfaces.  Then, since the large urn was still boiling up he moved onto the oven and stove.  This is where it got exciting!  He pulled out a blowtorch (the kids got a huge thrill out of this part) and proceeded to blowtorch the inside of the oven and the plates of the stove.  We had scrubbed the oven a day before Kobie came over to make sure it was squeaky clean.  You can tell if the oven is really clean by the colour of the blowtorch flame when it meets the surface of the oven.  Blue flame means clean, orange flame means there is some kind of substance that is burning away.  This also causes pretty sparks to fly around the oven, we had to re-clean it the next day to get rid of any ash.

Kobie also used the blowtorch on the sinks as well as using boiling water.

Now for the last part.  The large urn had boiled up by this time and we were ready to dip any metal utensils, hard plastics and other bits and bobs.  We filled up an old pillow case with the things for dipping and then using thick rubber gloves, Kobie dipped them into the boiling water and held it there for a minute of so.  We repeated this process, allowing the water to boil up between dipping each time.

By 22h30 that evening everything was done.  Kobie went home to his very understanding family (he does this in his spare time after he is finished with his day job) and I was left to repack the kitchen, which I HAD to do before going to bed, I just couldnt leave it for the morning.

So that’s it.  The whole shebang.  We now have a kosher home.

Its been quite the journey and a very steep learning curve for all of us but I am happy and content and I think so is my family.

I would rather chew glass!

Than have another headache!

I’ve always thought I suffered from migraines.  Turns out they are actually cluster headaches.

There are many similarities and quite a few differences between the two types of headaches.  Both are nasty, nasty things that shouldn’t be inflicted on anyone, not even your worst enemy! Fact!

Here are a few of the similarities and differences between migraines and cluster headaches.

  • Both types usually occur on one side of the head only.
  • Clusters are usually on the same side of the head every time while migraines can and do alternate sides.
  • Migraines are usually throbbing pains while clusters are sharp, continuous pain.
  • Migraines are more common in women while clusters are more common in men.
  • Migraines can last up to 3 days.
  • Clusters usually last only a few hours but will recur every few days for days/weeks/months at a time, hence the term cluster.
  • Migraines can start suddenly or gradually and decrease gradually.
  • Clusters start and decrease suddenly.
  • Migraine sufferers need to keep still while cluster sufferers are often agitated and need to walk or rock themselves.
  • Migraine sufferers often feel nauseous and are light and sound sensitive where cluster sufferers seldom feel nauseous and don’t usually have an aversion to light or sound.
  • Both types of headaches are debilitating.
  • Both types of headaches are treated with Rizatriptan (Maxalt).
  • Both types of headaches suck huge, fat, ugly donkey balls!

I was doing some research on cluster headaches (thank you Dr Google) and came across the following gems:

The term “headache” does not adequately convey the severity of the condition; the disease may be the most painful condition known to medical science -  Matharu M, Goadsby P (2001). “Cluster Headache”. Practical Neurology 

Patients often describe their pain as stabbing, sharp, burning and penetrating; as if a hot poker had been plunged into one of their eyes. - Christian Nordqvist, Medical News Today

Quite a few sites state that an alternate name for cluster headaches is the suicide headache.

Like I said, I would rather chew glass!


Exclusive Books Recommends

I received the March list of recommended books from {Exclus1ves} the other day.

I think I may have to add a few of these to my {Goodreads challenge}!

I am particularly keen to read The Little Old Lady who Broke all the Rules by Catharina Ingelman-Sundberg.

Here is the blurb:

An incredibly quirky, humorous and warm-hearted story about growing old disgracefully – and breaking all the rules along the way.  79-year-old Martha Anderson, with the aid of her Zimmer frame, attempts to rob a bank. She’s not past it yet and intends to fund her way to a much more exciting lifestyle. Except all that the cashier can see is a little old lady. So Martha is bundled into a cab and sent back to her atrocious care home. But Martha and her four old friends – otherwise known as the Senior League – are tired of all the rules imposed upon them and decide to rebel. And that’s when the adventure really takes off . . .

It sounds like so much fun!

little old lady

A few others on the list are:

Once We Were Brothers by Ronald H. Balson

The Luminaries by Eleanor Catton

The Invention of Wings by Sue Monk Kidd

Ghana Must Go by Taiye Selasi


So Aaron, who’s is 6, has been asking me about sleepovers. Not at Nana or Bobba but with friends.

He doesn’t seem too keen to sleep at someone else but he wants someone to sleep at him.

I’m not keen on either!

When did your kids start having sleepovers?

Pasta pasta everywhere!

The gorgeous {Sharon} from {Sharon Senior Photography} and her awesome husband, {Chef Andrew} have started a new venture called {Table 21}.  Chef will be cooking, Shaz will be photographing and a cookbook will be born!


In the mean time they are running some awesome {competitions} and I won the first one!

A pasta machine from {Love2Cook} and the {Culinary Equipment Company}.


Paul, the kids and I went to the Lanseria show room to collect our prize and to have a few photos taken.  We landed up staying for lunch at {the restaurant}.  Oh heavens! So yummy! Healthy, home made, organic and free range, delicious food.






And then on Saturday night I made home made, from scratch, pasta.  The kids had seconds and there were no leftovers.  Not a drop.


I love my pasta machine!!


Hello all you lovely people.

Wow, the beginning of this year has been so hectic.

New job, training my replacement at my old job, school for the kids, the general hubbub of the start of the year.

I still need to do a review of 2013 too.


I’m loving it!

I love being busy, I love the rush and the sense of accomplishment when I cross out items on my (very long) to do list.

Mostly I am just loving life at the moment.

Books. Sale. Books! Sale! BOOKS! SALE!

That’s right, {Exclusive Books} is having their summer sale!

The sale begins on 26 February 2014.

But wait, there’s more.

If you are a Fanatics member you can attend the preview sale on 25 February 2014, it starts at 5pm, and it is exclusive to Fanatics members and is at all stores (excluding the airport store).

Summer Sale Holding Device - Copy

But wait! There’s even more!

Exclusive Books is running a trolley dash competition!  If you win, you get a chance to dash through the store of your choice for 2 minutes grabbing all the books your heart desires (or your arms/trolley can carry) and you get to keep ALL the books!

How do you enter?

Simple, send a photo of yourself* in front of one of the Fanatics Preview tables and email it, along with your Fanatics number to  That easy!

*A selfie taken in front of a bookshelf is apparently called a shelfie.  You learn something new everyday! 

What I Wore Today or WIWT

A dress. Kitten heel shoes. Mascara. I also had my hair cut yesterday so it looks all sleek and magazine perfect.

This dress from the TWO summer 2012 collection

This dress from the {TWO} summer 2012 collection


These shoes from Mr Price

These shoes from Mr Price


This hair and mascara

This hair and mascara



I cannot get over how many people have commented today.  Comments ranged from ‘You look fantastic!’ to ‘Ooohh hot date?’ to ‘But you only wear jeans?!’

I guess I have been in a bit of a rut.  But jeans are comfy and I can dress them up for work with smart and pretty tops.  Also, I don’t like wearing heels, I have terrible balance as it is so adding heels into the mix is a disaster waiting to happen!  As for make up and hair, I very seldom wear make up, my skin doesn’t handle it well and its a mission, same with hair, it takes so bloody long to make it look decent I usually just let it dry on its own and then tie it up.


I am going to try wearing dresses and skirts more often during the work week.

I am going to make an effort to at least wear my small kitten heels when I do wear dresses and skirts.

Mascara doesnt take that long to put on, so I will make an effort to wear it more often (and wash it off at night!)

As for my hair, the very talented {Beauty} at {Tanaz}, cut and styled my hair yesterday, she also thinned it out quite a bit and that should make it easier for me to dry and straighten it myself, so I will attempt to make my hair look nice and not tie it up as often as before.


#FeelPeugeot? Why yes, don’t mind if I do!

*This is not an advert and I was not paid to attend or write about the event!

The family and I were invited to the launch of the new #FeelPeugeot campaign this morning.

We had a blast!

The car of the day was definitely the {208 GTi}, there was a waiting list to test drive this baby and everyone who did, raved about it.

This stunning little car has park assist steering.  You change gears and control the breaks, the car does the steering and parks for you, hands free!

I took a video of the demo.  The oops at the end was driver error, he forgot the break!

I particularly enjoyed driving the ‘mom’ car, the {3008}.  My only issue was that it was an automatic, and I haven’t driven an auto in almost 14 years.  I kept looking for the clutch and didn’t know what to do with my ‘stick’ hand :)

Other than that, the 3008 is awesome.  So spacious and comfy.  Built in navigation and rear park assist.  It has a Cielo roof, which is awesome, I could just imagine driving at night with the stars above you.  It also has a refrigerated storage consul in between the driver and front passenger, perfect for snacks and drinks for the  kids in between lifts and extra murals.  You could host a party in the boot too, it is that huge!

Not the 3008 boot, think this is the 508, but still… HUGE boot! It even fits a {Dave!}

The kids had an awesome morning too, they had popcorn and got to drive their very own cars (go-carts) around a track.

We listened to some smooth live music by the gorgeous {Connell Cruise} who even wrote a brand new track and début it especially for the #FeelPeugeot crowd.

And what launch would be complete without a cupcake? Om nom nommy!


*All photos (except the cupcake) are curtesy of my awesome husband!!

And the Dettol winners are…

Sorry this post is late.  I have ManFlu and lets just leave it at that shall we?

The moment you all were waiting for…





So my lovely assistant has drawn 4 names!











Lovely Light

Lovely Light


I will be emailing you all shortly to get your addresses so I can deliver your prizes :)

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