You will never catch me…

Thanks {Laura-Kim} and {Cindy} for the inspiration today :)

You will never catch me fighting with the kids about brushing their hair on the weekends, its just not worth the aggravation.

You will never catch me saying no to carbs.

You will never catch me without nail polish on.

You will never catch me wearing high heals unless its a very fancy function.

You will never catch me drinking decaf coffee.

You will never catch me drinking fat free anything.

You will never catch me running. Not unless something nasty is chasing me and even then, if it looks like it would be a quick, painless death I still may not run.

You will never catch me eating gummy bears, Turkish delight or licorice.

Gratuitous pics of my kids ;)


Aaron 1


faith 1



Ice cream dreams

Holy moly!

The guys at work spoiled me for my birthday and bought me a KRUPS ice cream churner.


So awesomely exciting.

I have not stopped making ice cream since I got the machine.

So far I have made:

  • Vanilla
  • Vanilla with Top Deck pieces
  • Condensed milk
  • Condensed milk with nougat pieces
  • Dairy milk chocolate

I did try and make a sorbet but it didn’t churn, no idea why, but I will try that again soon.

Next up will be white chocolate and Smarties!

On boobs and blood.

Last week while in the car, Aaron asked me two questions.

  1. Do boys have boobs?

I tried to explain that boys and girls have the same tissue in their body but only girls grow boobs when they get older.  He thought for a minute and then asked, ‘If boys dont have boobs, why do they have nipples? Because nipples are where milk comes out.’

Smart kid!  I explained the next day after consulting Twitter, Gd doesnt know if you are a girl or a boy when you are first in your mommy’s tummy so everyone gets nipples.

  1. If we all have the same skeleton and the same red blood why do some people have dark skin and some people have light skin?

Very good question and I am so proud of his thinking.  I explained that people have different characteristics depending on where they originated from, hotter climates means darker skin and colder climates means lighter skin.  Some people have smaller eyes and some have blond hair and some are taller than others.

Im so proud of the thinking this little man does :)

What does love mean?

So, I fell off the #writersbootcampZA bandwagon, life is just way too hectic at the moment to be blogging everyday, as much I want to.  I may go back and revisit the topics and do them at my leisure though.


Last night, while lying next to Faith at bed time, I told her I love her.  She said, “I love you mommy” back to me.  A minute later she pipes up, “Mommy, what does love mean?”

I thought for a moment, what does love mean, when I say I love her or she says she loves me?

I told her that it means that the person you love is in your heart all the time.  That she fills up my heart and that is why I tell her I love her.

She thought for a moment and then said, “And I am in daddy’s heart too!”

Yes baby girl, you are in all of our hearts!!

If I were an animal/insect, I’d be… #writersbootcampZA

A dog in my house.

3 pups 2

My three pups are treated like royalty.

stuart 1

#StuartDog sleeps on my bed, cuddled up to my legs.

couch 2

#BanditDog sleeps in the doggy bed, a huge, puffy doggy pillow covered in a fleece blanket with a duvet over it, perfect for burrowing.

Salami 2

#SalamiDog is supposed to sleep with Bandit, and she does sometimes, but she comes to my side of the bed and ‘asks’ for my continental pillow which I then place on the floor next to my bed, the opening of the pillow case within easy access of her snout.  She then burrows into the pillow case and sleeps there.

Salami 1

All three dogs get morning play time which consists of me lying on the floor and the three of them ‘attacking’ me with licks and pounces and nibbles.

stuart 2

They sleep on the couch cuddled up to us at night when we watch TV, or stretch out on the back of the couch like cats.

3 pups 3

They have full reign of the garden and dig to their hearts content in my flower beds.


I want to be a dog in my house!

The world is wrong about… #writersbootcampZA

The world is wrong about magic.

I think magic is real.  Not illusion or slight of hand.  Real, mystical, magic.

Magic is the things you cant describe.

Magic is the unexplained happening that leaves you scratching your head in wonder.

Magic is science unexplained.

The world is wrong about magic.

My parents #writersbootcampZA

Lindy and Adrian.


They would have been married for 39 years this year.

My mom was a ballet dancer, she danced for PACT.

My dad was a lawyer. With the kindest, biggest heart there was.


My dad asked my mom to marry him a number of times, she kept saying no.  So he asked her “What do you want? A gilt edged invitation?” and she said yes, thats exactly what she wanted.

So he had a beautiful pink card made, edged in gold, asking her to marry him.  And she said “YES!”



Dialogue #writersbootcampZA

Tonight was the official opening of {Monty Pythons’} {Spamalot} at the {Joburg Theatre}.


My cheeks are so sore from laughing.  I actually had tears in my eyes.

I grew up with Monty Python, ‘Allo ‘Allo, Fawlty Towers.  So to see Spamalot performed was amazing.

Here are a few pieces of dialogue that left me gasping for breath…

Arthur: Gd be praised. We have a quest: to find the grail!

Sir Robin: The quail!

Arthur: No, the grail. The vessel used at the last supper.

Sir Robin: They had a boat at the last supper? Was it a sort of dinner cruise?

Sir Galahad: The grail is a cup.

Sir Robin: Gd the almighty and all-knowing has misplaced a cup?

Arthur: But I thought you were a fairy.

Lady of the Lake: Oh no, that’s Lancelot.

Patsy: I’m Jewish!

Arthur: What? Why didn’t you say so?

Patsy: Well… it’s not the sort of thing you say in front of a heavily armed Christian.

What makes me laugh more than anything else is… #writersbootcampZA

My brother Matthew.

He is so sharp.  Sometimes he even surprises himself with the things that come out of his mouth.

There is not a single time I talk to him that I don’t laugh.

I love you Ugs!  Keep smiling and joking and laughing!

1 food. 1 drink. For the rest of my life #writersbootcampZA

The drink is easy.  Water.  I never get tired of clean, cold water.

The food…

I think pizza.  Its pretty versatile, you can have a variety of toppings, with cheese, without cheese, folded over, hot or cold the next morning.

Yup, water and pizza.

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