Things I Desire

Ok ladies and gents, its coming up on birthday time again and I thought I would update my list…

Photo frames – I started our photo wall (and since this post have added more) but I still have so many photos that need to be put up so once again Im keeping this at the top of my list :)

Pedicure – I am in desperate need of a full pedi, I can never justify the expense to myself, there always seems to be something else more important.

Full body massage – need I say more?

I heart my dashies – any of these necklaces would do just fine… thanks to Beagle_Momma for the idea! – Im keeping this on the list since I never got one last year ;)

A kitchen makeover – I love my huge huge kitchen, but it is very underutilized and needs a serious redo.  I know this is not something that will be a gift but Im putting it out to the universe.  And taking a lotto ticket!

Cupcakes - In particular Angels Cupcakes in the following flavours: Creme Brulee, Red Velvet, Margarita, Baklava.  With the following icings: Bar One ganache, cream cheese.  And the following fillings: Creme Caramel, fudge, lemon curd.


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  • Tara says:

    A tip, ask around at beauty salons for trainees working to get their hours before they qualify. They often charge substantially less than a fully qualified therapist. And most times, the service is just as good!

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