Your favourite things – Aaron

TV programme:  Star Wars.
iPhone App: You enjoy watching videos on YouTube.
Meal:  Pizza.
Fruit:  Bananas.
Vegetable:  You dont particularly like veggies.
Breakfast:  Coco Pops.
Drink:  Cream Soda.
Toy:  Your old iPhone with games on it.
You love: Karate.

Aaron 2

Something that happened yesterday:

You are on school holidays and you had a friend come over to play.  You guys did exercises like burpees and jumping jacks.

On boobs and blood.

Last week while in the car, Aaron asked me two questions.

  1. Do boys have boobs?

I tried to explain that boys and girls have the same tissue in their body but only girls grow boobs when they get older.  He thought for a minute and then asked, ‘If boys dont have boobs, why do they have nipples? Because nipples are where milk comes out.’

Smart kid!  I explained the next day after consulting Twitter, Gd doesnt know if you are a girl or a boy when you are first in your mommy’s tummy so everyone gets nipples.

  1. If we all have the same skeleton and the same red blood why do some people have dark skin and some people have light skin?

Very good question and I am so proud of his thinking.  I explained that people have different characteristics depending on where they originated from, hotter climates means darker skin and colder climates means lighter skin.  Some people have smaller eyes and some have blond hair and some are taller than others.

Im so proud of the thinking this little man does :)

Your favourite things – Aaron

TV programme:  Gumball (??)
iPhone App: Minion Run
Meal:  Pizza and hamburgers and hotdogs
Fruit:  Red apples.
Vegetable:  Corn cut off the cob
Breakfast:  Toast with peanut butter .
Drink:  Cream Soda.
Toy:  You have a real old fashioned magic set that you love.
You love:  School and karate.


Something that happened yesterday:

You got a new haircut, one that needs gel so it stands up all spiky and stuff.

My first theatre experience – Aaron

Today I took Aaron to see #StarlightExpressSA.

We booked the cheap seats.  Up in the mezzanine, they were literally cushions on the floor where the seats usually are (they took out the seats to put them on the stage).

So he could move around and he could still see everything.


I figured I would let him tell you about his experience in his own words.

What did you think of the theatre? It is big.

What did you like most about the show? The beginning, where they all come out and have flags and stuff.

Who was your favourite character? Rusty. (mine too kiddo)

Who did you want to win the big race? Rusty. And he did. I told you mom.

What was the most fun part? Getting autographs afterwards.

Do you want to say anything else? Yes, can I have roller skates for my birthday? 

So, there you have it.  Aaron was pretty impressed with the theatre.  He is definitely keen to go again.  I told him I will take him to see Aladdin, the end of year {panto}!

Is age really just a number?

This morning Aaron asked me if 6 is old.

“No, my boy,” I said, “6 is not old but it is older than 5.”

“Why?” I ask.

“When I am 6, will I forget things?  Because when you are old you start to forget!”

“Ummmmm…” Said I.

“Like you forget to make an appointment for me with the dentist!” Said Aaron.

Please excuse me while I call and make my almost 6 year old an appointment at the dentist!


Proud (geek) parent moment

On our first date, Paul and I discussed a variety of topics.  We both knew the relationship would probably work when we discovered that we are both pretty big SciFi geeks.

Our kids are well on their way to being little SciFi geeks too.

Its not uncommon to hear the strains of The Imperial March echoing through the house (they have it on the iPad) while two young {padawans} battle it out with light sabers (they create their own sound effects too) in the play room.

Aaron cannot wait for the new Star Trek movie to come out and loves The Avengers, he has an Iron Man figurine that goes with him everywhere.

Faith will often clutch a towel around her neck and run, fist in the air, shouting Superman, around the house.  She also shows you that Superman can shoot out his eyes, she leans her head forward and squints.

iphone pics 486

These are the moments that make my geek mama heart proud.


Scary smart

Faith that is.

On Monday Aaron stayed home from school (he had a viral infection and was spiking nasty temps).

Faith informed us that the next day she was going to be sick so she could stay home too.

I laughed it off thinking she would forget about it.

But on Tuesday morning she woke up, coughed and told me she was too sick to go to school!

She is 2 years and 5 months old!

Needless to say, she was actually coughing and icky so I let her stay home with her brother.

I think I’m going to have to watch this child really closely.  Sneaky little thing!

Your favourite things – Aaron

TV programme:  You love anything super hero and Tazzmania.
iPhone App:  You still play Angry Birds but you also enjoy playing flight simulators and a puzzle game called Water.
Meal:  Pizza!  Its still your very favourite although you dont have olives that often anymore.
Fruit:  Red apples and grapes.
Vegetable:  Do oven chips count?
Breakfast:  You have started eating All Bran Flakes with a bit of sugar and milk, very healthy.
Drink:  Cream Soda or Sparberry.
Toy:  Lego and your lightsabers!
You love:  School, your friends and helping to clean off the table.


Whale watching on the computer

Whale watching on the computer

Something that happened yesterday:
You swam without holding onto your teacher, doing crawl and blowing bubbles and not sinking. So proud of you!

Just breath…

About a year ago, Aaron was diagnosed with asthma.  I knew he had asthma from when he was less than a year old but the peadiatric pulminologist (our day to day pead, who we no longer use) told me that, no, they can only diagnose asthma from 3 years old.

Anyway!  Once Aaron was on the right medication (two times a day every day) his asthma was under control.  We havent had a single attack in over a year.  Until Sunday.

Well Saturday night.  Aaron started coughing in the middle of the night, we nebbed him and gave him cough mixture and he eventually fell asleep again.  On Sunday morning though he woke up coughing and didnt stop.  Paul took him to our GP who consults on Sundays and he gave us Pulmicort and antibiotics.  We nebbed him with the new beds and after an hour or so it hadnt helped so I called our (new) pead, also a pulminologist and Aarons asthma dr, and spoke to his partner who was on call.  He suggested a double dose of Combivent and 10ml of cortisone.  Half an hour after giving him those meds there was still no change.

Poor Aaron, he literally could not take one single breath without coughing.

I put him in the car and took him to the hospital where our pead has rooms and called the on call pead again to tell him we were coming.

The nurses in the pead ward were amazing. Friendly and helpful and kind.  The dr arrived and admitted us.  He put in a drip (not sure who was more traumatised, Aaron or me!) and gave him an adrenaline nebuliser and put him on oxygen.

Within 10 minutes he had stopped coughing!

Silly monkey!

Silly monkey!

Turns out he had a croup attack which caused an asthma attack.  Poor child couldn’t breathe in or out!

We settled ourselves into our room, a private room as there were only 4 or 5 kids in the whole ward.  Aaron was a little hyped up due to the adrenalin and the cortisone they gave him but he was so good.  He charmed all the nurses and the dr and was an absolute angel.

3 adrenalin nebulisers, 4 doses of cortisone and 1 night of broken sleep and by yesterday morning we were allowed to come home.

This was the first time either  of the kids has been hospitalised and was pretty traumatic.  Im so very grateful for the dr and nurses that made the whole event so easy and comfortable to deal with.

Heres hoping we never have to do that again!

How smart is my kid?

Yesterday afternoon I took the kids to visit my mom.

The adults, and Faith, were sitting outside on the patio and Aaron was sitting inside playing on the computer.  He especially likes playing games on Cartoon Network.

So, he found a new game and since he cant read properly yet, he wasn’t sure what to click on.  He kept coming to ask us what the game was saying, eventually after 3 trips inside I told him I was not getting up again.

About 5 minutes later he came outside and asked my mom if he could use her phone (she has some games on there), she said yes and he disappeared inside.  A short while later he came back out and showed my mom a picture he took.

He had taken a picture of the computer screen so that he could bring it to us instead of us going inside.

I think its pure genius!  I certainly wouldn’t have thought to do that…

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