Wish List

I have so many things I need want to get for myself I thought I would put them down in writing.  Maybe this will help me prioritize and even motivate me to get my arse in gear and make a plan to get these things.

Photo frames – I have a ton of family photos I want to put up in my dining room, one of the walls is painted a deep red and I think it would make a really great feature.  I want to frame everything in black and silver and randomly scatter the photos on the wall using various frames.

New lingerie – I have very serviceable undies, some of them very sexy too but I want to treat myself to some REALLY sexy stuff.

Shoes – I am very lazy when it comes to shoes, I buy a pair I like then wear them until they fall apart.  I also tend to go for flat comfy shoes and I think its time to start wearing more interesting funky shoes.

ghd – I won a competition last year to attend a ghd Style Lounge event.  It was awesome and one of the friends I went with won a ghd.  I can borrow it whenever I want but i really want my own one!

A holiday – I can cross this one out cause we have booked to go to The Nest in the Drakensburg at the beginning of September.  I CANT WAIT!

Visit my brother – he is in the army in Israel and I really miss him!

Blog more – ok, so this one isn’t going to cost me anything more than time but I have been finding it very difficult to blog at the moment, writers block I guess.  So I promise myself to make an effort to blog more!!!

Grandma always said a little lace can fix anything…

9th August 2009 – Womens Day

A day to not only celebrate but embrace your womanhood, to own your sexuality and your sensuality.

What better way to do that but to help disadvantaged woman.  And children.  And soldiers in need of rehabilitation.

WIZO AVIV Shaffa is proud to host a womans day celebration aimed at empowering you!


Lola Montez will be entertaining us, toys and lingerie will be on sale on the evening.  Entrance is R100 and includes cocktails and nibbles.  A lucky draw with fantastic prizes is also on the cards.

Take a look here for more info.

Getting involved…

I work for a non-profit organisation.  We raise fund not only for the local Jewish community but for Israel as well.

I had resigned from my previous job with out having another job lined up.  I had just had enough.  I was a misery at work and I was becoming very difficult to live with at home.  After three years at a job that I had started out loving and slowly started hating, leaving so drastically had seemed the only option.

About a week into my notice I went for an interview with a recruitment agency.  As I was leaving I remarked that I would like to work for a Jewish company.  The agent called me back to her desk, made a phone call and  in 2 minutes had set up an interview for me.

I would be lying if I said that I took the job because I was passionate about Israel and the local community.  I took the job because it was first and foremost a job.  The hours were also great and I got all the Jewish holidays off.  It was also 5 minutes from my house.

In the (just over) 2 and a half years I have been working here, I have become passionate about the work that I do.  Yes, living 5 minutes from work and all the holidays off are great, but I truly believe in what I am doing!

Recently I have become a volunteer/member of another great charity organisation, WIZO.

The organisation is comprised of branches that are volunteer run.  The branches raise funds to send to Israel to help with womens empowerment, child safety and soldier rehabilitation to name but a few key areas.

The branch that I am involved in is called WIZO AVIV Shaffa.  Shaffa is a coloqueal term for a sexy woman and that is what we are about.  Young, sexy and dynamic.  We aim to raise funds and have fun doing it.

At the moment we are organising a Womens Day event.  I will post the details shortly.

All in all I am far more involved in my community and with Israel than I have ever been before and I feel good about it.  Its gratifying to have a purpose and to know that what I am doing with my time makes a difference.