Getting there slowly…

So, here is the story…

I arrived back in Johannesburg to a very cold and miserable Friday morning.

I also arrived back in Jozi with a severe nose and ear infection, so bad in fact the doc thought I may have burst my eardrum.  Thanks heavens I didnt and after a hectic course of antibiotics my infection has cleared up nicely.


A while back I had a very bad ovarian cyst and was put on a course of Provera, a progesterone tablet.  This work very well until now.  Yesterday the pain hit so badly I couldn’t even drive.  One of the lovely ladies I work with drove me to the Linksfield Clinic where I had a scan done.  I am still waiting for them to send the results to my gyne at Sunninghill.  Yesterday I was completely bed ridden and in agony.  Today I am much better but still sore.  Now its just a matter of waiting for the doc to see the results and tell me what we do from here.

So, that’s where I am at.  Cant get any worse.   Right?

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