Lucky #12?

Well, we are in our 12th cycle…

Im not entirely sure how I feel about it.

Resigned to the fact that yet again we are not pregnant.  Miserable that yet again we are not pregnant.  Angry that 3 cycles have gone by since my lap, 2 of which were Clomid cycles that both had me ovulating, and we are still not pregnant.  Grateful that I have Aaron, knowing how lucky I am that I have a healthy, growing son when some women have tried longer and harder and still don’t have a child.

I called my gynea this morning and made an appointment to see her next week.  Just for a general chat about where and how we want to proceed.  Also because I have no more Clomid repeats and if thats the way we are going then I need a new script.

Uuuggghhhhhhh! I hate this!

Sneaky blog…

… you slipped past me, quietly, without any fuss or fanfare.

It was your birthday on the 31st March!

I cant believe I have been writing here for a whole year…  It seems like yesterday I decided to start a blog and now here I am.

188 posts and 544 comments later, here I am.

Happy birthday Blog!