Blog Action Day 2010: Water

This years topic for Blog Action Day is water.

We live in a small house, we have a very small garden with grass and flower beds all around the outside walls.  When we moved in we had an irrigation system put in.  I hardly ever use it.

I much prefer natural irrigation (rain), so in winter I dont water my garden at all, it looks kind of sad and brown and drab throughout winter but in summer, as soon as the rains come everything goes green and pretty.  It makes me a little sad that in winter it looks so awful but I would rather not use the sprinklers.

This has lead me to think about finding an alternate source of irrigation for the winter.  One of the options that I found and quite like is using ‘grey’ water.

Basically you recycle water that is used for bathing, laundry and dish washing.  It involves setting up a recycling facility that can be  built by yourself or purchased.  The water can be purified or used as is.

Here are a few places that can help you set up a grey water system in your home.  (I googled all of these and have had no contact with any of the companies listed below).

Im definitely going to look into setting up a grey water system in my home.


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  1. My parents have a grey water system going that my dad built himself and they never use fresh tap water for their garden. Saves a fortune on the water bill and they have a green garden all year round (well greenish in winter). Environment wins 🙂

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