Late to class, and I am fine with that

This morning we were running late, Paul had to iron a shirt and he was parked in front of me so we had to wait.

I rushed to drop Faith at school first and thankfully she didnt fuss.

I then hopped back in the car and rushed to Aarons school.  We jumped out the car and Aaron was dragging his feet a bit so I told him we were running late and he must hurry which he did.

We got to the gate and he pushed it open and I went through, a few steps later I realised he wasnt with me so I stopped and looked back, he was holding the door.  I told him to come on, we were late and this is where my heart just melts and bursts with pride all in one go.

He looked at me, then past me at two moms who were on their way towards the gate and he says to me “Mom, Im waiting for the other moms to go out first!”

My little boy, my almost 5 year old is a gentleman, a mensch.

Today I didnt mind being late at all!

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