Grandma always said a little lace can fix anything…

9th August 2009 – Womens Day

A day to not only celebrate but embrace your womanhood, to own your sexuality and your sensuality.

What better way to do that but to help disadvantaged woman.  And children.  And soldiers in need of rehabilitation.

WIZO AVIV Shaffa is proud to host a womans day celebration aimed at empowering you!


Lola Montez will be entertaining us, toys and lingerie will be on sale on the evening.  Entrance is R100 and includes cocktails and nibbles.  A lucky draw with fantastic prizes is also on the cards.

Take a look here for more info.

Getting involved…

I work for a non-profit organisation.  We raise fund not only for the local Jewish community but for Israel as well.

I had resigned from my previous job with out having another job lined up.  I had just had enough.  I was a misery at work and I was becoming very difficult to live with at home.  After three years at a job that I had started out loving and slowly started hating, leaving so drastically had seemed the only option.

About a week into my notice I went for an interview with a recruitment agency.  As I was leaving I remarked that I would like to work for a Jewish company.  The agent called me back to her desk, made a phone call and  in 2 minutes had set up an interview for me.

I would be lying if I said that I took the job because I was passionate about Israel and the local community.  I took the job because it was first and foremost a job.  The hours were also great and I got all the Jewish holidays off.  It was also 5 minutes from my house.

In the (just over) 2 and a half years I have been working here, I have become passionate about the work that I do.  Yes, living 5 minutes from work and all the holidays off are great, but I truly believe in what I am doing!

Recently I have become a volunteer/member of another great charity organisation, WIZO.

The organisation is comprised of branches that are volunteer run.  The branches raise funds to send to Israel to help with womens empowerment, child safety and soldier rehabilitation to name but a few key areas.

The branch that I am involved in is called WIZO AVIV Shaffa.  Shaffa is a coloqueal term for a sexy woman and that is what we are about.  Young, sexy and dynamic.  We aim to raise funds and have fun doing it.

At the moment we are organising a Womens Day event.  I will post the details shortly.

All in all I am far more involved in my community and with Israel than I have ever been before and I feel good about it.  Its gratifying to have a purpose and to know that what I am doing with my time makes a difference.

I am an ostrich

I have been burying my head in the proverbial sand for weeks.

My gran on my moms side is sick. She has been sick for quite some time. She has a degenerative liver condition. It cannot be cured.  At her last doctors appointment the doc told my mom she is getting worse and that she probably will not make out the year.

I am very very lucky to have had all my grandparents up until last year when my grandfather on my dads side passed away at almost 94 years old.

My gran is the youngest of my grandparents and I am not ready to say goodbye to her.  I think out of all my grandparents I am closest to her.  She was my confidant as a child and as a teenager I could talk to her about anything.

Somehow, even though I know logically death is a natural end and if you are lucky you get to live a long and productive life, it never really occurred to me that I would someday not have my grandparents around.  It is hard to wrap my brain around the concept that one day, probably soon, my gran will no longer be with us.

That being said, I have done a rather great impression of that ostrich and have tried very hard to ignore the facts.

I need to put my big girl panties on and spend more quality time with my gran and take Aaron for more visits and just spend as much time as I can with her.

Life is to short (no matter how long your life is) to be afraid.

Live every minute as if it may be, not only your last one, but the last minute of your loved ones too!

Positive Customer Service!!

A few months ago I noticed that Pick n Pay, Clicks and Dischem stopped stocking white Lux soap.  I asked around and was told that they are no longer manufacturing it.  WTF!

I use white Lux soap because it does not make me break out, its really the only soap that is ok for me to use.  I have tried literally a dozen other brands for sensitive skin and I have a reaction to most of them, others have a smell I cant stand or a texture I dont like.  Lux was my Holy Grail.

So I Googled it and found that Unilever makes Lux and an email was sent off post haste.

I didnt receive a response… until today. Better late than never I say.

Here is the email I received.

Dear Gina

We  recently discontinued our Lux White Bar due to a new Global Lux  Re-Launch which did not include a plain white bar.

After receiving literally thousands of requests from loyal users in South Africa asking us to reinstate the product, immediate investigations were undertaken with our manufacturing facilities to determine whether we could reintroduce this variant without compromising production of the full range.

The outcome was favourable and Lux White is now back in production. Available in both 100g and 200g bars, Lux White will be  in stores from the end of June 2009 everywhere in South Africa.

May we suggest that until the the White bar is back, that you try either our Vaseline white bar or our Sunlight white bar as an alternative.

We pride ourselves in understanding the real needs of our consumers and providing them with products that not only meet, but exceed, their expectations of our brands.  Please could you kindly forward me your postal details, so I can send you a formal letter with regards to the return of the Lux white soap.

Thank you.

Kind Regards

Sindi Ngcobo

Personal Care

Consumer Affairs Department

Unilever SA

Well done for listening to your customers!

Ja well no fine…

Aaron was supposed to start school on Monday.  Needless to say Mother Nature has been an utter bitch this week so we decided to keep Aaron home.

I have to admit, Im a little relieved.  I know he needs to go and that he will enjoy it and that it will be beneficial for him, but the thought of sending my tiny little baby big boy to school is a little nerve wracking.

Anyhoo, we will see what the weather is like next week, so long as it isnt raining we will probably send him.

My big boy!

Aaron is starting play-school on Monday.

We went to take a look this morning and we both feel comfortable with the lady who runs the school and with the school itself.

The hours are from 8:30 – 12pm, they get snacks and drinks, there are swings, two jungle gyms, two sandpits, tons of bikes and trikes and push prams and wheel barrows, a wendy house, four staff members and 15 children.  There is a library of books and tons of toys. The other little children are friendly and range in age from 15 month to 2.5 years old.  They have story time and craft time and if they dont want to listen or do the crafts then they can play or do something that they want to do.

Paul is a little hesitant to send him, he spends most of the day at home and hears him playing and gets to have cuddles and kisses whenever he wants.  Rhona, the lady who runs the school, told Paul that he can pop in whenever he wants or even bring his laptop and work there if he wants to.  So sweet.

So, off to school on Monday.

Big boy!!

Big Boy

When the cats away…

… the children will vomit!

Paul left for Dubai yesterday.  I left Aaron at my mom so that I could take Paul to the airport.  I got back to her at about 5pm and we decided to go out for dinner.  We went to Giavanni’s in Melrose Arch and had a lovely meal, Aaron went on a tour of the kitchen much to the delight of the kitchen staff.  At about 7 we decided it was home time and I bundled the very tired boy into the car and off we went.

When we got home my hopes of a quite, uneventful evening went to hell in an itty bitty hand basket.  Aaron become hyper and started running around chasing the dogs.  He got so over-excited he had a coughing fit which led to a huge vomit all over the kitchen floor.  Cue the dogs.  They came running to try and eat it up (I know, disgusting, yet very handy) and Aaron promptly threw up on two of their heads.

I undressed Aaron, changed him and managed to get him to sleep then went to clean up the kitchen and the dogs.  Kitchen floor was easy, Jik and a wet rag and it was clean.  The dogs on the other hand, they needed a bath but it was cold, Aaron was asleep and I didn’t have the energy to bath them so I cleaned their heads with a wet cloth.  They still stink but Paul can wash them when he gets back.

I then settled down to watch Twilight and about an hour in Aaron started crying, I go and settle him and when I get back one of the bloody dogs has thrown up all over the entrance hall.

I am hoping that this was just a matter of getting all the yucky stuff out of the way and the next two nights are calm and easy going.

I really miss my husband.  So does Aaron.  Its really heartbreaking trying to tell him that daddy is not here when all he wants is his ‘Da’.

Two more sleeps and he is home!!

Tattoo or The Pleasure is Worth the Pain

I finally did it.  I went and had my tattoo fixed up and added to.

I went with my friend Jared this afternoon.  He had his done first (pic to follow shortly)

Jared's New Ink
Jared's New Ink

and then it was my turn.  The very talented Jade McLean of Jaded Ink took my very basic idea and created a custom design for me.  It took about 25 minutes and was as painful and not as painful as I thought it would be, if that makes any sense.

I was going to keep the ink to my lower back but we decided that would be too traditional, instead we moved up the right side of my back, and it leaves space to possibly add more at a later stage.

I am so glad I finally got to do this and I LOVE the final artwork!

The whole artwork
The whole artwork
A new take on an old tat
A new take on an old tat
The addition
The addition