10 things I love about my husband…

ExMi and Tertia both posted their 10 things recently (or not so recently, I probably just read them recently) and I thought I would have a go…

In no particular order:

1. He ‘gets’ me!  He gets my sense of humor and my eccentricities.  I never have to explain myself, well, very rarely.

2. We ‘speak’ in gestures, with just a few hand signs and facial expressions we can have a whole conversation.

3. He is a geek. A complete and utter nerd. I love that about him, I love that he is so into his computer and gadgets, it drives me nuts sometimes but everyday he teaches me something new.

4. Sci-fi!  We both LOVE sci-fi!  We clicked on our first date when we discussed the utter uselessness of Star Trek Nemesis and how it really sullied the Star Trek franchise.  I also love the fact that we have watched each and every episode of Stargate SG1 and Stargate: Atlantis together and are eagerly anticipating the new Stargate: Universe series.

5. He puts up with all my shit.  And there is a lot of shit!

6. He doesnt let me get away with my shit.

7. He gave me Aaron… He made this utterly unique and amazing child.  With me!

8. He understands and totally agrees with me when I say his mom is ‘The’ mother-in-law.  He sticks up for me and takes my side always.

9. His genuine affection for my grandparents.  They can be difficult and tiresome but he never shrugs them off, he always makes the time to help them out or just to listen to what they have to say.

10. His absolute love for me.  I know that I take him for granted sometimes and I can kick myself for that.  I am so lucky to have a man that loves me so much!

Love you Hubband!

Nap time not so much

Aaron is standing in his cot screaming…  He is so tired but he doesnt want to lie down or drink his bottle or be held.  So he is in his cot crying.  Hopefully he will get tired of the crying and lie down and sleep.  Mommy needs the nap!

One down…

1st night Pesach is over.  The food was a hit.  I am exhausted.  Aletta and I worked our arses off today and it definitely paid off.

Here are a few pics from tonight.  I unfortunately forgot to take pics of the dessert and funnily enough there wasnt much left to photagraph 😉

Gefilte Fish 'Loaf' with cooked carrot garnish
Gefilte Fish 'Loaf' with cooked carrot garnish
Butternut and Pumpkin Kugel
Butternut and Pumpkin Kugel
My Seder Table
My Seder Table

Im so glad its all over, I had fun organising and cooking but now I can relax…

Pesach, Easter, Voting…

I love being Jewish, I love working for a Jewish organisation, I love being South African, I love all the public holidays we have this month.

The bottom line is that I only work 14 days in April! In fact only 13 and a half days but whos counting?

As of 12pm today I am off work until Friday 17th and all that is only costing me half a days leave!


Out the window

Our ancient HP Laser Jet decided that today is the day it was going to start dying.  Of course today is the day that I need to print a 1600 page job.  Of course I cant stop the job half way through.

So Raleen and I have spent the last hour fixing the non existent paper jams.

Raleen is a genius though, she made the suggestion that we feed the paper through the manual document feed tray.  This does mean that instead of feeding the stupid machine a ream at a time we have to give it about 30 pages at a time.  But at least the bloody thing is printing!!!

After this job it might just find itself flying out the nearest window!

Its all a matza pudding

Today I start cooking for Pesach.

The chicken soup is simmering on the stove as I type.  Its the first time I have made ‘real’ chicken soup and I am hoping it is up to my moms standard.  Once the soup is done I will let it cool and freeze it only to be defrosted on Wednesday morning.

Tomorrow I will be making this pot roast.  Sounds sooooo yummy I cant wait for Wednesday night.

In addition to the soup and roast, in great Jewish tradition, we are having a very full menu.

My Seder Menu

Eggs in saltwater

Chicken soup and kneidlach (matza balls)

Gefilte fish

Pot Roast

Butternut and pumpkin kugel

Roast potatoes

Green Salad

Apple fluff

Fresh Fruit


Yum yum!


So today, after two and a half years at my current job, two and a half years with out a single spam email, I recieved my first one.

It pisses me off to no end.  I dont open odd links, I am deeply paranoid about viruses and I have an anti-virus on my machine, I am very selective about websites I visit, I never randomly give out my email address!

Spam sucks eggs!