Aircon Etiquette

Israel is a desert, summer is hot. Usually the heat gradually builds up so that by August you may be sweltering but you are used to it.

Not so the last few days. We jumped from mid 20’s to 41°C!!! In one day! The last two days have been in the low 40’s and today it is 30°C at midday.

Image taken from Nasa

This is outside though. If you are in my office it is sitting at a chilly 23°C. I am freezing. My toes are turning blue. We try keep the air-con on 25°C but ‘somehow’ it keeps dropping to 23°C.

I get that it is Hot (with a capital H) outside but that doesn’t mean it has to be arctic inside.

I share an office with 3 men and one woman. The air-con unit we have is also shared between 3 other offices next to ours, the one has a single woman occupant, the other other has 5 women and 2 men and the last office is a spare office.  We are pretty much split evenly between those that love the cold and those of us that would rather keep our extremities from being frozen off.

Do you share an office? Do you fight over the temperature? What is the etiquette when using a communal air-con?

Somebody help me please, I cant feel my fingers!