Skin – Day 33 or day 1a

So I have made a decision.

I am stopping the Roaccutane and going back onto the antibiotic my GP had me on before.

I know I should probably wait to speak to the dermo, and I *will* call her on Tuesday and discuss it, but I just know that this is the right thing to do.

Before, I would get 1 cyst maybe every 2/3 months (sometimes more sometimes less), in the last month I have had 3 major cysts and that isnt including the small ones on my lips.

Im hoping the antibiotic will sort out whatever infection is making the current cyst so angry and that when I speak to the dermo on Tuesday we can figure out another solution.

I really thought that after the first week or two (even 3!) the getting ‘worse before it gets better’ part of Roaccutane would be over.  We are now at the end of week 4/beginning of week 5 and this last cyst is so bad I would classify it as one of my top 3 BAD cysts.  I also have a small one forming under my nose too.

Hopefully the antibiotic kicks in quickly cause my nose (and left side of my face) is excruciatingly sore.  Smiling, yawning, brushing teeth or anything that causes movement of my cheek makes me want to scream.

Im going to keep updatin but am starting from day 1a (on antibiotics, no Roaccutane).