It was my birthday and it was good

For the first time in ages my birthday fell on a Saturday.

Not one to let an opportunity pass, I made plans.

Now, if you know me, you know Im not big on birthdays, I dont hate them but I am mostly ambivalent about them. I dont usually do anything big for my birthday but this year was the exception.

I organised an {Art Jamming} session in the morning, followed by lunch with the parental and then a movie in the evening.

Art Jamming was awesome.  Everyone had a great time.  I painted a cherry blossom tree.  Aaron did 2 paintings and Faith made a huge mess that Jamie, the Art Jamming artist, helped her with, she painted Faith’s name over her canvas in silver and glitter, Faith loves it!



The Art Jamming artist traced the skeleton onto the canvas but Aaron painted it on himself :)
The Art Jamming artist traced the skeleton onto the canvas but Aaron painted it on himself 🙂






I decided to go the whole hog and have breakfast catered.  I dont know if you have heard of {Belle’s Patisserie} but OMG! So much of yum.  I met with Sasha a few days before to organise the menu and I picked it up on Saturday morning.  A HUGE platter of savoury filled croissants and veggie wraps and mini quiches, a HUGE platter of sweet pastries and the most divine red velvet roulade you have ever tasted!






Art Jamming was followed by lunch with the parental units at {Grand Central} where I could barely finish my starter that I ordered (instead of a main) because of all the yummy Belles stuff I ate earlier.

Then a few weeks ago, {I won tickets to see a 3D movie at Ster Kinekor} and we used the vouchers to go see Wolverine.  AWESOME movie.  Pro tip: dont leave the theatre before the credits, there is a secret scene.

Paul and the kids bought me the {NoMu recipe box} and I got a Exclusive books voucher from someone else that I used to get extra recipe cards.  I got a gorgeous purple orchid, yummy bath and pamper goodies, a magnificent Tree of Life pendant, a cupcake decorating book and tons of choccies.


All in all I got spoiled rotten by family and friends and had the most divine day.

Of birthdays and traveling…

4 more sleeps until my birthday.  I’m not usually one to get excited about a birthday, and considering this is not a ‘big’ one, I’m not entirely sure why I’m excited.  But I am 🙂

We are going to be Art Jamming so maybe that’s why.  I love painting (even though I cant paint for shit) and being creative so I’m looking forward to that.

Its also a family orientated birthday, the kids will be there so it should be even more fun.  Im betting my kids paint better pictures than me 🙂

Im following the painting session with lunch with those that cant or wont paint.  And then we are off to see Wolverine that night.

So yup, a super special birthday for me!

Keep Calm and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! Poster

Then in just over a months time, we get on a plane to Israel and I get to see my brother and almost sister in law (and their puppy).  I cannot, CANNOT, wait to see  my brother.  Its been 2 and a half years since I have seen him and I miss him so much.

I cannot believe my brother is actually getting married, I remember when he was born! Too awesome for words!

I also cant wait to see the dozen or so friends of mine that all reside in Israel.  Its going to be an amazing and special time.