Look who’s talking!

When we fell pregnant with Aaron we looked into signing as a way of communicating with him before he could talk.  Due to a few obstacles, lack of resources on the web and locally, being overwhelmed by the new addition to our family and suffering from PND, signing with Aaron fell by the wayside.

To be honest I didnt even think about signing with Faith until I came across this website!

Wow! What an amazing site.  Simple, concise  and easy to use, not to mention free, makes this site a win.

So far we have been signing ‘Mommy‘, ‘Daddy‘, ‘brother‘ and ‘milk‘ to Faith.  I am going to teach Aaron how to sign ‘brother’.  Tonight we will all be learning ‘Uncle‘, ‘Aunt‘ and ‘Granny/Bobba‘ as those three people will be having supper with us.

Oh yes, ‘dog‘ will also be a sign that is used frequently in our house 🙂

I really hope that Faith picks up signing easily as Im pretty certain that it will reduce a lot of frustration between us as she gets older and is able to communicate more effectively.

Edited to add: The sign language being used on the website above is based on ASL (American Sign Language) and that is what we will be teaching Faith and Aaron.  Unfortunately I cannot find any effective online resources that are based on South African Sign Language (SASL).  According to Wikipedia (see links) SASL is based on Irish, British and American sign language, while both Irish and American sign language seem to be based on French sign language.  Perhaps one day we will explore SASL.