I am a pear.

Yesterday Roro and I went on a mission. Find dresses for a wedding we are attending and buy swim suits for summer.

No dresses were bought but we each walked away with a bikini.

Before I carry on let me just say, whoever designs change rooms in clothing stores needs to rethink their mirrors. Every change room I have ever been in has had mirrors that make every single flaw (real or perceived) stand out and wave their arms shouting ‘look here, see this cellulite? Look over here and see the stretch marks! No no look here and see how short and squat you look!’ Surely if you install mirrors that are more flattering you will sell more clothes.

Anyway, moving on…

  • I am just under 5 feet tall, thats 1.52m. Thats short.
  • I (think) I weigh about 52kg or 114 pounds.
  • I have no idea what my BMI is but its on the higher side although not by much.
  • My legs are 30 inches according to my Levis, which falls into the short category.
  • My waist, according to my Levis, is a 28 which falls into the small/medium category.
  • My boobs are a tiny 32A.
  • My hips, I discovered yesterday, are a 36.
  • So my measurements are 32-28-36. Pear shaped!


I’ve always been a pear and for the longest time I was a 34 hip, so yesterday I chose a 34 bikini bottom. On top of those awful mirrors the bottoms were clearly too small and I suddenly felt yuck, I bulged and jiggled and I was not happy. So I changed the 34’s for a 36 pair of bottoms and lo and behold, they fit and guess what? I looked good and I felt good. And I suddenly realised who cares what size the bottoms are? They fit, they look good and thats what counts. No one will know what size they are except me (and now all my readers).

So I left the store with a bikini made up of a 32A top and a 36 bottom and despite not having worn a bikini in at least 7 years and despite having a mom/c-section tummy and despite the stretch marks and the dimples on my thighs, Im going to rock that bikini on the beach this summer.

Now if only I can get my super pale and white legs to catch a tan…