I’m still here. I promise.

I haven’t even opened my blog since the end of March and even then I only posted two catch up posts about Aaron and Faith.

I guess I sort of lost my writing mojo. I was happier just to read other peoples words than create my own. But the last few days I’ve found myself opening up a fresh post, getting ready to write and then closing the post.

Today, I figured that in order to get back on the horse I should just write a few words, something to get me going again.

So, hi. Here I am. Writing some words. 

Hopefully there will be some more tomorrow.

Before I was here…

Ha, I remembered today that I had a blog with Vox some time ago.

I started it in September 2006.  There were only a few posts.  The last one is announcing our pregnancy.  I think I stopped blogging there because I started blogging on The Diary of Sprout Paul set up for our pregnancy.  I think we stopped blogging there because having a real live baby was h-e-c-t-i-c.

Im so glad I started this blog, Im really enjoying it.

Been a while…

Ok, ok, its been too long.  I really need to start blogging more often.  I did write another piece for Jozikids, so if you want to know all about my favourite kisses click here.