It’s a booby trap!

This article, about bralettes, came up on my FB timeline a while ago and it got me thinking.

I haven’t worn a proper, structured bra since I stopped breastfeeding Faith just over 5 years go.



You see, I went from a milk induced, full C to a barely there A cup. The lovely lady at Woolies who did a fitting for me, rather rudely exclaimed ‘Eish!’ after taking the measurements. She may even have mentioned trying the training bras from the kids section.

Around this time I discovered bandeau bras at Pick n Pay. They were cheap, light weight, comfortable, came in regular or racer back straps and also, most importantly, came in a small.

Now as we all know, change is the only constant. I’ve gone up a jeans size in the last 18 month and somewhere along the line my boobs seem to have grown too. This is not a bad thing except gravity (and age) are working against me and I felt it was time to look at giving the girls a little more support.

I asked on a FB group and the ladies recommended a store in the local mall and I popped in there last Friday. 

I told the young girl at the counter that I needed to be measured. She tipped her head to the side, then the other side and proclaimed that I was a 75C (European size which is a 34B SA size). I asked if she was sure and she very casually reached over the counter, squeezed my ribs, then my boob and said ‘Yes, I’m sure’.

Okay then.

Credit where its due, she was right. I tried on 2 bras in a 75C and walked out with both.

Now, lets go back to those bandeau bras. They were soft and comfy. Sure, they didn’t give me any support or shape and they were not the prettiest bras out there but comfy. Did I mention comfy?


The new bras are very, very pretty. Lacy and blingy and pretty. And they give me a great shape. I look like a growed up and I actually fill out my tops now. But… OUCH! The band and straps are tighter than I’m used to and the under wire is poky. And yes, I checked, they fit the way they are supposed to. 

I suppose there are pros and cons (and plenty debates) to each type of bra and the bottom line is what I want to get out of the boob coverage I choose each day. So far, week days are for pretty, perky boobs and weekends its a toss up between bandeau bras and just setting the girls free. 

Ladies (and gents), what are your thoughts?