A Titanic competition*.

*This competition is only open to people living in South Africa. 

Who doesn’t love a good saga? Even before Titanic was released in theatres I was entranced by the story. A huge ‘unsinkable’ ship, so many passengers from all over the world. The opulence of the 1st class passengers. The tragedy of it all.

For the first time in South Africa, Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition will be shown, first in Johannesburg and then in Cape Town.

2015 Titanic logo copy copy

Those attending will find out about the lives of South Africans that were on board Titanic, learn about passengers and crew members and relive the events of that fatal night.

There is plenty to do and see for all ages. You will be able to see actual artifacts that have been salvaged from the wreckage, recreations of some of the rooms aboard the ship and also learn about the efforts that are taking place to preserve the wreck for future generation.

The organisers have offered me a set of double tickets for myself and a set for my readers to win but since I won’t be able to attend they have kindly allowed me to add my own tickets into the competition. That means I have TWO double tickets to give away to readers in Jozi and Cape Town.

All you have to do to win is tweet the following “I want to win tickets to the #TitanicExpo with @GNat_J & @TitanicExpo!” before the 20th October 2015. Its as simple as that.

Two winners will be drawn randomly and you can either visit the expo in Johannesburg at TheZone@Rosebank from now until 8th November 2015 or in Cape Town at the V&A Waterfront from 27th November 2015 to 14th February 2016.

Good luck!

Finally, the Cape Town post

Cape Town was lovely.  The weather was perfect and we got to spend a whole 8 days with the family.  Unfortunately we never got to do a proper tweet up but next time we will make it a priority!

So a few photos and a bit of text (I spent most of the time running around after the kids so not that many photos)…

We started at the SLOW lounge at the airport.  Highly recommended if you can get in.  I loved these clocks as you walk in 🙂

We stayed at the Southern Sun (Tsogo Sun) Newlands and the kids made themselves right at home.

We befriended some seagulls at the waterfront and unfortunately didn’t get to go on the Wheel of Excellence, I could just see the total meltdown from Aaron if we had tried.  Next time we will make a plan for the adults to have a go.

We spent a lovely day in Hout Bay, we took a walk in the harbour, had a fish and chip lunch and even saw some seals getting fed.  In fact Paul caught a seal and a seagull having a fight over a fish.  The seal got the fish and the gull got away so I reckon they were both happy…

Seal versus sea gulls from Paul Jacobson on Vimeo.

We ended that afternoon with a walk through Kirtenbosch Gardens.

Faith ended the day enjoying an ice cream 😉

We went to Butterfly World on our way to Franschhoek.  It was beautiful.  We saw butterflies, a bat, a monkey, iguanas and a whole lot more.  I definitely recommend going if you are in the area.

In Franschhoek we had lunch at our favourite pancake place.  This sign in their courtyard just says it all 🙂

On the way back from Franschhoek we stopped at Fairview for a bit of a cheese tasting, let me tell you, Aaron had the ladies in a flutter, tasting all the different cheeses and telling us which he liked and which he didn’t and which tasted like pizza ( I wish I could remember which one that was!)  We also got to have some fun with some very hungry fishes.

On the Friday night the entire family (and the retinue) from the brides side and the grooms side got together for dinner and Aaron was such a star, he even wore the ‘fancy’ shirt and his new black smart shoes.

On Sunday the family gathered together for the wedding of my brother in law, Asher and my new sister in law, Megan.  The day was absolutely beautiful.  The weather played along, the food was outstanding, the decor absolutely stunning.


The wedding was held at the Vineyard Hotel and Spa and the venue was so beautiful.  We all met there for breakfast the following day and afterwards took a stroll through their gardens.  So pretty and tranquil.

Even though we didn’t do a proper tweet up, I did get to meet Lovely Light on the morning that we left for Johannesburg.  I had won a competition on her blog for a pair of hand beaded earrings and instead of having them posted to me I collected them in person.  It was great meeting Lovely Light and I hope that the next time we are in Cape Town we can do a proper tweet up and spend more time chatting.

One last pic of the happy couple!

Cape Town 2011

We were very lucky to be invited to stay with my brother in law and his girlfriend in Cape Town over Pesach/Easter, so we packed our things (I seriously over packed mine and the kids things, could have cut all of it by half!) and off we went.

View from the house we stayed in.

We flew Kulula and they were running about an hour late so we arrived in CT just after 1pm.

Cold front rolling in

Paul spent a few days working and meeting some of his CT contacts while I chilled at the house with the kids.

Cold front hits

On Friday morning we met up with Tertia, Heather, Sally, Tanya, Candice, Amanda, Tania (did I leave anyone out??) and a few non tweeps and most of the spouses and kids at Nitida Wine Estate.  I of course brought my camera and then totally forgot to take any pictures!  It was so awesome meeting all these people in real life.


We then went through to Cavendish and met up with Max, Sue, Brendon, Scott and Karen.


Next time we will definitely spend more time with all you crazy and fabulous CT tweeps!

Franschhoek again

Saturday was spent in Franschhoek and Boschendal, just the four of us and ended up on Camps Bay beach with my mom, my uncle and his two kids, my moms boyfriend, his daughter and son in law and their three kids.


Aaron wasnt too sure about the beach or the sea but before we knew it he was nekkid, building sand castles, jumping in the ‘pool’ they had built and having a grand time.

Everything goes in her mouth!
My boys

So grand in fact that he did not want to leave, nor did he want to get under the shower to wash off all the sand.  Needless to say an #AaronTantrum ensued and if you were in Camps Bay on Saturday afternoon and witnessed a small nekkid boy scream his little lungs out for his mommy and daddy to ‘Just leave me alonnnnnnnnnne!!!!’ I apologise, truly, I do, no one should have to witness an #AaronTantrum, ever!

Sunday was spent at the Two Oceans Aquarium with Ash and Meg then on to lunch and then to the airport.

Kulula was actually on time and we got home just after 7pm.

Lions head

Both kids were amazing on the flights, sleeping for most of the way and generally behaving themselves and charming the air stewards.  Aaron even got to see inside the cockpit as we were disembarking at OR Thambo.

Possibly the only decent picture I took at the aquarium
Tired penguin

Other notable occurrences would be the two falls I managed to take.

On Thursday I managed to slip on the last of three steps, I was carrying two cups of coffee, the step was dry, I was bare foot, I landed on my arse and spilt most of the coffee on the floor, none on me and I didnt break the coffee cups!

On Saturday I slipped off a teeny tiny ledge outside the Boschendal gift shop, landing on my left butt cheek and my right knee (have no idea how) and I seem to have pulled a hamstring.  I also managed not to break my BB which landed face down on the ground, yay me!

Brevity Street is literally one house long!

All in all a good trip, wish it could have been longer though, but Im happy to be home.

H.o.l.i.d.a.y. Say it with me!

In two sleeps, Paul, Aaron, Faith and I will be flying to Cape Town for 6 nights.

I CANNOT wait!

It has been almost 2 years since our last holiday…

I cant wait to see Ash and Megs.

I cant wait to walk on the beach.

I even cant wait to see your moooouuuuuuntain Cape Town.

I really really cant wait!

Goodbye, but not really, but kind of really…

My brother-in-law and his girlfriend are moving.

They are moving far away but not too far.

They are making the great trek to Cape Town!

Im really really going to miss them.  We see them every week.  We go to movies together.  We are family!

Im really really going to miss them.


We have Skype, Twitter, Facebook and the good old telephone so we will be in touch all the time.

Did I mention Im really really going to miss them?

I am so happy for them, they are making a move for the better, better lifestyle, better jobs.

So, to Megs and Ash, good luck!  Have a safe journey.  Lets us know how the drive is going.  Think of us often.

Love you guys!