Ninja poles…

I have had a rather, ahem, bumpy ride when it comes to cars…

Car number one  (a 2nd hand Toyota Corolla) was highjacked, we never got it back.

Car number two (a 3rd (?) hand Mazda 323) was totalled in a head on collision with a motor bike.

Car number three (another 2nd hand Toyota Corolla) gave up the ghost one day and we sold it.

Car number four (a brand new out the box paid for by yours truly Mazda Sting) was totalled when a woman jumped a stop street in front of me, that car was just under a year old.

Car number five (my grandfathers already 2nd hand Mitsubishi Tredia) was stolen when my friends and I were held up in the house we were living in, that car was found about a year later.

Car number six (my beautiful 2nd hand, 12 year old Toyota Tazz) is still going strong, Paul is driving her.

Car number seven


I swear that pole has ninja tendencies,  it  jumped right into my path!

Ok, so Im feeling a little sheepish but at least no one else was involved and I wasn’t really hurt (just a sprained muscle in my right forearm and a friction burn (I have no idea!!) across my left forearm ).  Bruised pride I can deal with.