The good news!

So the other day I tweeted that I had some really good news and that you would have to wait until Friday to hear what it was.

Well I dont have to wait until Friday anymore.

I received a call from the Group HR manager of Dischem to tell me that the nurse that had hurt my baby had been fired.  He also called to let me know that she was taking them to the CCMA and to ask if I would testify on Friday.  He explained that she had been let go, not only because of our complaint but because of subsequent complaints as well but that ours was the pivotal one.

I assured him that I would be there.  When I called to confirm the time today he said that he had tried to get a hold  of me earlier to tell me that her lawyers had withdrawn  the case from the CCMA and that he wanted to thank me for being willing to help them with my testimony.

Im am so happy that no one else will be put in that situation!