Little old ladies are dangerous…

Today I almost got taken out by a little old lady.

I went to the chemist to collect a script; I had called ahead so that I could pick it up from the counter without having to stand in a massive queue.  When I got there a gentleman was being attended to by the chemist on duty, he informed the chemist that his surname started with ‘B’ and the chemist turned around and took out two huge drawers full of scripts waiting to be collected, this was going to take awhile.

After about seven or eight minutes of waiting I spotted the nurse and moved to the left hand side of Mr ‘B’ to chat to her.  After a minute I moved back to the right hand side of Mr ‘B’.  As I got there a Little Old Lady walked up.  Now, I can see she thinks she is ahead of me but I say nothing.  She is now inching in towards me, one step at a time.

The chemist finishes with Mr ‘B’, he looks up and before he can even say “Can I help you?” she jumps in front of me, turns around, looks me in the face and says that she was here first.  I told her that no, I was, that I had been standing on the other side of Mr ’B’ but that I would be nice and let her go first.

She was glaring and possibly even hissing a little at my explanation.  I’m pretty sure she would have got physical with me had I not let her go first.

Mean while, another little old lady pushes in and shouts at us and the chemist that she is on crutches so she will go first.  Oh boy!  Little Old Lady almost decked her.  At least it took her attention off me for a while.

The chemist has by now helped Crutches Lady and turns back to us at which point Little Old Lady tells him that she doesn’t need to pick up any medication but that someone left a file for her at the counter…


Off trundles the chemist and I am left waiting for someone to help me.  Another chemist is putting scripts into the draws so I grab her and ask her to help me. In the time it took the first chemist to go to the back and try and find the file (that wasn’t even there) I got my meds, signed for them and was happily on my way to the tills.

Silly old bat…