How smart is my kid?

Yesterday afternoon I took the kids to visit my mom.

The adults, and Faith, were sitting outside on the patio and Aaron was sitting inside playing on the computer.  He especially likes playing games on Cartoon Network.

So, he found a new game and since he cant read properly yet, he wasn’t sure what to click on.  He kept coming to ask us what the game was saying, eventually after 3 trips inside I told him I was not getting up again.

About 5 minutes later he came outside and asked my mom if he could use her phone (she has some games on there), she said yes and he disappeared inside.  A short while later he came back out and showed my mom a picture he took.

He had taken a picture of the computer screen so that he could bring it to us instead of us going inside.

I think its pure genius!  I certainly wouldn’t have thought to do that…