Do you ‘No Poo’?

{No Poo} – a collective term for methods of washing hair without commercial shampoo.

I don’t No Poo (I also HATE that term with a passion, really, they couldn’t come up with something better?!) but what I do is NOT use conditioner.

I cant remember when I stopped using conditioner, probably sometime towards the beginning of the year, but it started because I was getting bumps/pimples on my scalp which I figured came from my hair being too oily.  Problem was that using shampoo for oily hair made my scalp too dry and flaky.

So I stopped using conditioner.


It took a while, maybe a month or so, of my hair being quite dry and course after just washing with a shampoo (for normal hair) and then one day I washed my hair and it was soft afterwards.  No tangles or snarls.  All I had used was a regular shampoo.  And my hair was soft and silky.

My hair is now used to not having the chemicals of the conditioner and is creating its own conditioning.  I love it!

Im debating not using commercial shampoo and creating my own, home made shampoo substitutes, I’m just not sure if its worth the hassle.  The most common formula is baking soda and apple cider vinegar.

Do any of you ‘No Poo’?