My big girl :)

Faith has a big girl bed.


A little back story…

We have the single seater couch from our lounge suite in Faiths room, it was our feeding chair and it was in Aarons room when he was little.  Its a very very comfortable chair to sit in, it was super comfortable when I was breastfeeding.  Its not so comfortable when Faith, at 11kgs, wants to sleep in my arms at 3 in the morning.

We had a single bed (the twin of Aarons) in the garage, just sitting there.  I suggested we move the bed into her room so that when the 3am snuggles hit us I could just lie down with her.  After a bit of back and forth we agreed to move the cot out and go with just a big girl bed.

I picked up some linen at Mr Price as well as a duvet and pillow and now my baby has her own bed.

As an aside, I really struggled to find nice linen (especially with butterflies) so I have asked @Krimpvarkiez to make me a custom duvet and pillow set.  She is very reasonably priced and she also makes awesome baby sleep suits, drop her a tweet if you need something made!

From this…


…to this!

And what happened to that gorgeous cot you might ask???

Well, my mommy, who bought the cot and compactum set for us, is a genius!

All you have to do, is take off one side and lo, you have a bench…

We are going to look for a bench cushion at Mr Price now now, if we cant find one I will have one made.

Now I only have one question…

How can I repurpose the other side of the cot?  Any suggestions??