HIR – A tattoo

A while after my {brother died} I got a tattoo in his memory.  In fact in memory of both my brother and {my dad} since it was my dad that taught us the meaning behind the words.

Honesty… Integrity… Respect!

Those are the words my father taught us and the words my brother lived by.

At first I wanted the words around my wrist.  That was the plan when I walked into {Jaded Ink}.

Jade had other plans.

We hashed it out and this is the end result.

Photo by Paul Jacobson
Photo by Paul Jacobson
Photo by Paul Jacobson
Photo by Paul Jacobson

*The initials are a.d.h. and c.s.h., my dad and my brother.

I am hoping to add a butterfly to the top of the ‘H’ just below my shoulder, I want a 3D electric blue butterfly.  I have to wait a while though since I am back on Roacutaine (and need to save up), so it will probably only be at the end of the year.

In no particular order…

Whiskey... Bells in particular
My mom
The law, in particular, Justice
Pretty girls
His kids
Wicked humour

Just a few of the things you loved dad.

Its been 9 years, I miss you each and every day!

I love you daddy!!