Blog Challenge – Your Earliest Memory

Oh boy, I actually have very few early memories.

The one that I do remember is the day my mom locked herself out the house.

I must have been younger than 7 because I don’t think either of my brothers had been born yet.

I must have been older than 2 because I was sleeping in a bed.*

I was having my afternoon nap and the next thing I remember I was woken up by my mom knocking on my bedroom window.

She had locked herself in the garden (having a smoke Im sure) and couldn’t get back inside.

I remember her telling me to stand on the overturned dustbin and to reach for the door handle (she had closed the door when I fell asleep).

I remember climbing onto the plastic dustbin and the dustbin kept collapsing under me.  It probably wouldnt have helped if it didn’t collapse, I was too short to reach the handle anyway!

*Edited to add: My mom confirmed that I was 2 at the time.  Also she said that I didn’t manage to open the bedroom door and subsequently she was locked out until the maid arrived to let her in.