Phenomenal Women

Once again Laura at Female2Female has given us a thought provoking and exciting task.

The search for THE Phenomenal Women!

My nomination is for a woman who gives 150% of herself in every aspect of her life.

From being an amazing, supportive and loving wife to being a fantastic friend.

From working her gorgeous arse off to volunteering in many many organisations.

She works tirelessly to promote Israel.

She gets involved in the community.

She is always there for me with a quirky smile, a hug and a cuppa or even a smile inducing sarcastic chirp.

I have never met anyone with as much zest for life as she has.

Even when life has thrown her a few curve balls she has a smile on her face and a positive attitude.

If anyone is deserving of being called a Phenomenal Woman, it is her.

I nominate Rolene Marks!

Blog Challenge – Why my city is better than yours!

Once again Laura has given us an exciting challenge.

I *heart* Jozi!

I really really do.  I could think of no other place in South Africa that I would rather live.

Why you ask?


  • The BEST weather (not the last week or so, just ignore that).
  • Almost my entire family lives in Jozi.
  • December in Jozi is the best, no crowd, no traffic, no queues anywhere.
  • We know how to drive.
  • Hokkaido Sushi in Norwood.
  • Highveld thunderstorms.
  • I have met so many wonderful people that all hale from Jozi.
  • The ‘You make Joburg Great‘ campaign!  It just says it all.

Yellow Challenge

Laura posted a photo challenge on Female2Female, I immediately thought of this picture:

I took this in the Drakensberg last September, I had just discovered that my little Canon PowerShot SX100 IS has a Macro feature!

Im so chuffed by Female2Female challenges that I am going to create a category for them too.