*jumps up and down in excitement*

I am so so so excited.  The fridge/freezers were delivered today.  They look so good in my moms kitchen.  We decided against getting the side by side model as it was very narrow and we had reservations about the height.  Instead we got two fridge/freezer combos.  They fit perfectly.

Here are some before and after shots…


A little while ago, my brothers and I received an inheritance from our grandfather who passed away last year.  The brothers and I decided that we wanted to get something for my mom, something big, something that she would not necessarily get for herself.

Last year she renovated her kitchen and in the proccess got swindled by an unscrupulous contractor.  Eventually she had the kitchen completed by a new contractor but she had already lost a bit of money to the first guy.  So she has a beautiful kitchen and the old, fugly fridge and freezer she has had for the last 20 years.

The freezer no longer has a handle and when you close the top door on the fridge the bottom door opens and vice versa. Not good.

This weekend I am taking my mom shopping for a new fridge and a new freezer.  Its our little way of saying thank you to an amazing woman for everything she has done for us.  It is by no means nearly enough to express how much we love her and appreciate her but its a start.