Proud (geek) parent moment

On our first date, Paul and I discussed a variety of topics.  We both knew the relationship would probably work when we discovered that we are both pretty big SciFi geeks.

Our kids are well on their way to being little SciFi geeks too.

Its not uncommon to hear the strains of The Imperial March echoing through the house (they have it on the iPad) while two young {padawans} battle it out with light sabers (they create their own sound effects too) in the play room.

Aaron cannot wait for the new Star Trek movie to come out and loves The Avengers, he has an Iron Man figurine that goes with him everywhere.

Faith will often clutch a towel around her neck and run, fist in the air, shouting Superman, around the house.  She also shows you that Superman can shoot out his eyes, she leans her head forward and squints.

iphone pics 486

These are the moments that make my geek mama heart proud.