Blue Hair, Yes I Care.

Just over a month ago I took the plunge and dyed my entire head blue (with a little bit of purple thrown in for good measure).

It was only after I left the hairdresser that it occurred to me that people would be curious. That they would stare and ask me questions.

Silly that I didn’t think about that before I did it right?

So, my socially anxious self prepared for the stares and questions.


The only people who make any kind of fuss are children.

They stare, they point, they ask why my hair is blue and if they can touch it. They get such a huge kick out of it.

Adults on the other hand spend way too much energy pretending not to look. You can practically see them holding themselves back from asking me questions.

So yeah, its been interesting.

I’m not sure I’m going to keep it blue once it really starts growing out. So far you can’t really see the regrowth. And the purple mainly washed out so I have a really funky whitish strip that I like.

I guess I will keep it as is for a few more months and then decide what to do.



*I was not paid to write this post, in fact my mommy asked me to write it on her behalf ūüôā

Some of you may know that my mom has had a few ops on her hands.  Recently she had a {second op} on her left hand and she was NOT allowed to use that hand at all.  So I suggested she pop into {Tanaz} for a wash and dry at their blow dry bar.

Since then she has popped in twice for a wash and dry and also had her colour touched up.

She loves Tanaz.

Tanaz Logo

In her own words:

“Its such a happy place, I leave there feeling so uplifted.”

And its true.  Every person who works at Tanaz has a smile on their face.  Everyone is happy to be at work and excited about the work they are doing.

Also, they serve the best cappuccinos.

I’ve been a Tanaz groupie for ages but now my mom is one too. ¬†Shelene, you’ve made a fan for life!

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Do you ‘No Poo’?

{No Poo} – a collective term for methods of washing hair without commercial shampoo.

I don’t No Poo (I also HATE that term with a passion, really, they couldn’t come up with something better?!) but what I do is NOT use conditioner.

I cant remember when I stopped using conditioner, probably sometime towards the beginning of the year, but it started because I was getting bumps/pimples on my scalp which I figured came from my hair being too oily.  Problem was that using shampoo for oily hair made my scalp too dry and flaky.

So I stopped using conditioner.


It took a while, maybe a month or so, of my hair being quite dry and course after just washing with a shampoo (for normal hair) and then one day I washed my hair and it was soft afterwards.  No tangles or snarls.  All I had used was a regular shampoo.  And my hair was soft and silky.

My hair is now used to not having the chemicals of the conditioner and is creating its own conditioning.  I love it!

Im debating not using commercial shampoo and creating my own, home made shampoo substitutes, I’m just not sure if its worth the hassle.¬† The most common formula is baking soda and apple cider vinegar.

Do any of you ‘No Poo’?