6 months

No I’m not pregnant. Just been absent. For 6 months.

For some reason I just stopped blogging. No great secret, no shocking reason. I just stopped. I also seem to have stopped using Twitter. Again, no idea why, no real reason. I just stopped.

So, whats happened over the last 6 months?

Paul has a new job. Its a pretty cool position in an awesome company that he gets to do from home.

We got a dog! Her name is Nessi which means miracle in Hebrew. She is the cutest floof ever, even when she bites and nibbles to get your attention. I will write another post all about her soon.

The morning after Nessi came to live with us.

The kids have finished school and are well into summer vacation. In September, Aaron will be in 5th Grade and Faith will be in 3rd Grade. Where has the time gone?

Our third Pesach in Israel. It was a good evening with my family and our friends.

We all finally got our Israeli passports. This means we can travel easily throughout Europe. So give me your suggestions. Where should we visit?

I dyed my hair. Purple and blue! I love it.

Other than that, the last 6 months have been pretty quiet. Just the way I like it.

Hopefully I will be back in the writing mood now and will post more often. Or not. No promises.


I’m still here. I promise.

I haven’t even opened my blog since the end of March and even then I only posted two catch up posts about Aaron and Faith.

I guess I sort of lost my writing mojo. I was happier just to read other peoples words than create my own. But the last few days I’ve found myself opening up a fresh post, getting ready to write and then closing the post.

Today, I figured that in order to get back on the horse I should just write a few words, something to get me going again.

So, hi. Here I am. Writing some words. 

Hopefully there will be some more tomorrow.


*Not a post about Adele

Every morning I walk 10 minutes to the bus stop. On my walk I come across the same people nearly every day. 

The security guard from the local supermarket on his way to work.

The two grumpy old Russian men waiting for their bus at another stop.

The various people from our neighborhood walking their dogs.

The street cleaner sweeping up all the autumn leaves on the sidewalk.

And every morning I say hello. To all of them.

Across the street from my house - Image by Paul
Across the street from my house – Image by Paul

Sometimes its just a smile across the road. Sometimes its a hello and a head nod. Sometimes its a hello and a 2 minute chat. And sometimes its a hello that gets totally ignored.

The security guard asks how I am and always makes a joke, he loves speaking English and gets annoyed when I try speak Hebrew with him.

The grumpy old men never answer, just look at me like I’m crazy. I still greet them every single day. One day I will get a smile or even a hello back.

The dog walkers sometimes stop, say hello and let me get some doggy kisses and cuddles.

The street cleaner, without fail, greets me back and wishes me a good day.

I love my morning ritual.