Just breath…

About a year ago, Aaron was diagnosed with asthma.  I knew he had asthma from when he was less than a year old but the peadiatric pulminologist (our day to day pead, who we no longer use) told me that, no, they can only diagnose asthma from 3 years old.

Anyway!  Once Aaron was on the right medication (two times a day every day) his asthma was under control.  We havent had a single attack in over a year.  Until Sunday.

Well Saturday night.  Aaron started coughing in the middle of the night, we nebbed him and gave him cough mixture and he eventually fell asleep again.  On Sunday morning though he woke up coughing and didnt stop.  Paul took him to our GP who consults on Sundays and he gave us Pulmicort and antibiotics.  We nebbed him with the new beds and after an hour or so it hadnt helped so I called our (new) pead, also a pulminologist and Aarons asthma dr, and spoke to his partner who was on call.  He suggested a double dose of Combivent and 10ml of cortisone.  Half an hour after giving him those meds there was still no change.

Poor Aaron, he literally could not take one single breath without coughing.

I put him in the car and took him to the hospital where our pead has rooms and called the on call pead again to tell him we were coming.

The nurses in the pead ward were amazing. Friendly and helpful and kind.  The dr arrived and admitted us.  He put in a drip (not sure who was more traumatised, Aaron or me!) and gave him an adrenaline nebuliser and put him on oxygen.

Within 10 minutes he had stopped coughing!

Silly monkey!
Silly monkey!

Turns out he had a croup attack which caused an asthma attack.  Poor child couldn’t breathe in or out!

We settled ourselves into our room, a private room as there were only 4 or 5 kids in the whole ward.  Aaron was a little hyped up due to the adrenalin and the cortisone they gave him but he was so good.  He charmed all the nurses and the dr and was an absolute angel.

3 adrenalin nebulisers, 4 doses of cortisone and 1 night of broken sleep and by yesterday morning we were allowed to come home.

This was the first time either  of the kids has been hospitalised and was pretty traumatic.  Im so very grateful for the dr and nurses that made the whole event so easy and comfortable to deal with.

Heres hoping we never have to do that again!