Where we are and where we are going

*WARNING: this post contains discussion on human reproduction, the female reproductive system and trying to get pregnant.  If you have a sensitive constitution stop reading now.

Yesterday I went to see my gynecologist, Dr H.  I made the appointment at the end of my last cycle when, once again, we were not pregnant.

It turns out that day 12 is an ideal day for a scan to check what is going on.

We are on a Clomid cycle, 1 x 10mg tablet for 5 days.  At this stage there should be one good egg, mature and ready to travel down the fallopian tube, the endometrial lining should be 8mm thick and I should not still be spotting.

We found at least 8 medium sized follicles (none of which look like they will mature), the lining was only 3.7mm thick and yes, Im still spotting…

The result of the scan?  Once again I am classified as polycystic.  This would also explain the weight gain and the large family of pimples that have taken up residence on my face.

Dr H also told me that based on the scan yesterday its not likely at all that this month would result in a pregnancy, even if we managed to fertalise a substandard egg, it doesn’t have any lining to attach itself to.

The solution?  A round of double dose Clomid, 2 x 10mg tablets for 5 days and a scan on day 12 of my next cycle.

If the double dose works and the egg is good and the lining is good then we are A for Away.  If it looks good but I dont fall pregnant we will try the double dose of Clomid for another 2 cycles before resorting to sending me to a specialist.

If the double dose doesnt work then I am leaving my amazing Dr H and moving on to a fertility specialist.

I really really hope the double dose works.  Moving on to specialists is scary, it makes it even more real than it already is.  Im also not sure how far I am willing to take this, I cant picture myself doing IVF, but who knows, if thats where this journey is taking us then maybe I will be able to take that step.  I suppose only time will tell.

Again, hurry up and wait…