Grammar, people, grammar!

This has been bugging me for weeks, enough that I decided to blog about it.

Johannesburg Water has been running a campaign on electronic billboards around the city.

Unfortunately I havent been able to snap a pic of the offending advert but the text goes something along the lines of:

Pay your account timely in order to avoid being cut off.

Or something like that.


You can pay your account on time or you can pay your account timeously but you cannot, let me repeat that, you CANNOT pay your account timely!

It makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end.  In fact I think I may send Johannesburg Water a little email about it.  They probably wont do anything about it but I will feel better.

Until I see that ad again…

Edited to add: Spelling is not my forte as evidenced by the incorrect ‘grammer’ in my title * hangs head and blushes *. I have now changed it 😉