Catching up

So I have been a very bad little blogger lately and for that I am terribly sorry.

I have kept up to date on all the blogs in my reader though even if I havent commented recently.

So, a little catch up…

Aaron is loving school!  He adores his teacher and the kids in his class and aftercare too.

He does swimming twice a week which he loves (I know right!?), Kindermusic every Monday and on a Thursday he does PlayBall after school on the school grounds.

He is growing like a weed and I need to do a big winter shop for him soon because nothing is fitting him anymore.

Faith is getting cuter and cuter every day.

She still only has two teeth and she only says ‘Ello and oof (woof) and only when prompted repeatedly.  Yet she makes herself completely understood and understands everything you say to her.

She has a temper of note and screeches like a pterodactyl if she doesnt get what she wants.

She eats everything and anything, especially of its on her brother plate.

She is standing up all by herself and is walking beautifully if you hold one hand.  Last night we taught her to walk holding onto her Disney princess car/bike thingy.  She was very proud of herself.

Faith also does swimming lessons once a week and I get in the water with her.  She LOVES the water and complains bitterly when we take her out the pool or bath tub.

Both my beautiful children are growing and learning and keep us on our toes.

On Sunday is my anniversary.  SIX years!  And I am still madly in love with my hubband.  Even though he sometimes drives me absolutely crazy!

We went to the Drakensberg Sun last weekend for a mini pre-anniversary break, just the two of us.  It was amazing and relaxing and we both missed the kids so we left a little earlier on Sunday morning that we had planned so we could get back to them 🙂


Ok, I promise not to take so long to blog again.  Pinky swear!

The dark

My mind has been dark the last few weeks.

A new year and so much to look forward to and yet I feel like I have been wading through quicksand or stuck in a thick soupy fog.

Its been 10 years since my dad died, 2 years since my grandmother passed away and a year since my brother left us.

It feels like just yesterday, like a blink and here I am.

My uncle has cancer.  He cant beat it, no matter how hard he tries or how much we will it.

I feel like curling up in bed, pulling the covers over my head and never coming out.

And then I look at my husband, my beautiful children, my amazing life and I get up,  I look to the sun and I carry on!

“Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadow. It’s what sunflowers do.” – Helen Keller

A catch up of the last few weeks…

Whoever said that maternity leave was all about mama and baby bonding and cuddling and feeding and about mama drinking tea and resting lied!

They told a big fat smelly lie!  Liar liar pants on fire!!!!

*pulls great big raspberry*

Ok, small tantrum over.

The last week or so has been hectic, my brother Matthew has been here since Cliffs funeral and was sharing a car with our grandfather.  I say was because he was in an accident the Sunday before last.  Some drunk guy skipped a robot and turned into my brother, on the drivers side.  He was so drunk he couldn’t open his eyes!

Despite some whiplash and some back ache, Matt is ok.  The (uninsured) car, not so much…

So Monday was spent taking Matt to the police station to file a report and get a case number which, it turns out, we didnt need to do because the drunk guy was arrested and that case number should be sufficient.  We then killed some time having a late breakfast before taking Matt to my family doctor to be checked out.

Towards the end of the week before the accident, our doggy, Bandit, started to get ill, like really really ill, like not moving, losing weight, vomiting ill.  So we had taken him to the vet for testing.  Turns out he has Auto Immune Hemolytic Anemia (AIHA).  We started him on cortisone and had to take him back to the vet nearly every day to see if his blood levels were rising.  According to FourSquare I have been to the vet 8 times in the last week and a half and that doesnt include the 2 times I was there that I couldnt check in or the 2 or 3 times that Paul took Bandit to the vet.  Thank heavens and all the deities for pet insurance!  As of our last check up today, his blood levels are at 45% and rising and we only need to go back again in 10 days time.

Then on Friday Aaron got sick, so it was back to the doctor and a diagnosis of tonsillitis, again.  This poor kid.  If this carries on I may have to insist on removing them tonsils.  He seems to get it an awful lot.

In between all of this I finally got to meet Megan, who at the time of publishing this post has just had her beautiful baby girl! Squeeeee!

I also managed to fetch my drivers license, this is a huge thing for me as I have been driving without a valid license for quite some time.

I took Matt and Faith to go visit my grandmother.  She is one amazing lady.  She is 94 years old and despite being slightly deaf and losing her sight, still lives on her own with just her nurse and her new little doggy for company.  She takes walks in her garden, which is magnificent and keeps a hand in on what gets planted, where and when.

I’ve been to a few therapy sessions which I have to say are doing wonders.  I heart my therapist!

I have also been in to work a few times, maybe 5 hours in total, as there were a few things they needed me to sort out for them.  Hopefully I wont be going back into work until maternity leave is over.

As for the kids, Aaron has settled back into his school routine nicely and has made some new friends.  He is so curious about everything and constantly questions everything around him.  He needs to work on his patience levels but Im told thats a 3 year old thing and he will learn to have a bit more patience soon.

Faith is too adorable and has started rolling from her tummy to her back and she smiles at everything.  I cant believe she is 9 weeks old already, its going way too fast.

*pic by the magnificent Jenty! From our 8 day shoot.

Paul and I celebrated 5 years of marriage on Saturday.  5 years! We left the kids at my mom and spent a few hours with just each other for company.  It was great!

This week has been and will continue to be equally busy.  Hopefully next week will be a bit calmer 🙂