PnP rant!

Gah!  I hate going to Pick n Pay at the best of times.  Doing a large shop, 7 and a bit months pregnant with Aaron in tow… not so much fun!

In fact I hate shopping in its entirety ( I know, I know but I checked, I AM a girl even though I hate shopping).

Thing is, if your staff are happy and willing to help me then it makes shopping with you that much nicer.

So, back to my rant…

I go to PnP Norwood today, I push a freaking heavy trolley up and down the isles with a moaning, tired Aaron in the seat.  I get to the till and the lady asks if I want bags.  I say yes.  At this point we are both being very friendly.  So she gets to the end of the scanning part and the packer asks if I want bags for the 2 litre cold drinks, I say no thanks.  So the cashier totals everything and puts through my card but didnt check if there was more stuff (other than the cold drinks) that needed bags.  Now I’ve paid but we need at least 2 more bags for small stuff.  She tells the packer to just put the stuff loose in the trolley.  I say no, she must give me bags, I asked for bags.  She gets huffy with me because I must pay for them.  After she put my card through!

My thinking is that I asked for bags right at the beginning.  She should have made sure that she rang up enough bags before processing the payment.  If she made a mistake then she/PnP must give me the bags for free.

At this point I was so gatvol of pushing trolleys, whinging, crying child and just plain tired that I dug out R1 from the bottom of my bag and paid for 2 shopping bags rather than argue with the now sullen and difficult cashier.

But Im still fuming over it!



Gripe of the day…

Why? Please, please, please can someone explain why?

Why when there is a line of cars driving down the road, the one guy waiting to turn into that road waits until just before the last car is about to pass him and then turns?

In front of me!

When there is not one single car behind me!

Could he not wait the 3.5seconds it would have taken for me to drive past before he turned?

Must he rev his engine and pull into the road right in front of me, forcing me to slam on brakes?

When there are no cars behind me!!!!