Rapunzel Rapunzel let down your hair!

I never go to the hairdresser.  Ok, maybe not never…  Maybe once or twice a year.  I usually have a trim (or sometimes a drastic cut) and a blow wave.

Im usually quite happy to wash my own hair and since Paul bought me my ghd its a pleasure to straighten it myself.

Also I find the cost steep for something I can do myself which is why I only go when I need a trim – no way am I cutting it myself!

So yesterday a lady in my office mentioned that she and her daughter get their hair done at a hair dressing school for a fraction of the cost of a regular salon.  So off I went, called them up and made an appointment for a wash and blow wave.

The South African Institute of Hairdressing is located in Norwood, Johannesburg.

Gail, who runs, it told me that most hairdressing schools are just that, a school, the students do theory and then practice on mannequin heads.  When they do an apprenticeship in a salon they get to wash hair, put on colour, sweep up cuttings and make coffee.  They dont get any hands on cutting and blow waving experience, they dont get to chat to clients, they dont get to work as hairdressers.

The Institute is a teaching salon, students work with actual clients every afternoon.  They do everything from washing hair to colours to perms to cuts to blow waves.  Its totally hands on, under the supervision of their teachers.

The costs are minimal.

  • A cut & blow wave is R80 for short hair and R100 for long hair.
  • Just a blow wave is R40 for short hair and R60 for long hair.
  • Treatments range between R40 and R70 depending on hair length.
  • A tint is R180 for short hair and R250 for long hair.
  • They also have a special on Mondays! R20 for a short hair blow wave and R30 for long hair!!!

Today I had a wash and blow wave and my stylist, India, was fantastic.  She was friendly and efficient and I will definitely be going back to her.  In fact we discussed putting in a few pink streaks in my hair…

If you are interested please give Gail a call on 011-728-8240 or drop her a mail at info@s-a-i-h.co.za

***This is not a sponsored post***