Sick kids

Back in South Africa, when our kids were sick they either stayed home with our nanny, Aletta or if they were ok to go to school and then didn’t feel well, Nana or Bobba could fetch them and take them to their house or back to our house to be with Aletta.

If If they needed to go to the doctor, both Paul and I worked close enough to home to be able to pop out and fetch them and then drop them back home and go back to work.

Having sick kids in Israel has been one of the steepest learning curves we have faced.

No Aletta.

No Nana or Bobba.

We each work at least an hours bus and/or train ride away from home.

If the kids are so sick they cant go to school, one of us has to take a day off work to stay with them.

Luckily Paul can work from home if he has to and my boss and manager are very understanding about needing to take time off for sick kids.

Photo by Paul

Faith has been sick the last few days. Not enough to stay home (except for the first day) but sick enough that this is the third day the school has called us to fetch her just after lunch time because she is coughing (sometimes so much she vomits) and is just generally feeling yuck.

That means that I left work early the last two days and Paul left early today to fetch her.

Its hard without that immediate support system that we had before. But living in a country where a lot of people are in the same position we are in makes it easier.  We also get to spend time with the kids when they are extra cuddly and clingy and just want mom or dad to be with them, which besides the sick part, is awesome.

Now for the little sicky to start getting better!

Cough cough splutter

So I have pretty much been sick since last Saturday. I’ve had Man Flu a cold that knocked me on my arse. I was off work Sunday, back Monday, left work at 1pm on Tuesday and only came back to work today. On top of that Faith has been sick too although she was well enough to go to school this last week and then Aaron and Paul got sick at the end of the week too.

Apparently its quite common for new immigrants to be sick with lots of bugs and little things over the first year or so in a new country. It makes sense right, new strains of all the old favourites. So far I think we have gotten off lightly, nothing more than a few colds and sore throats.

I hate being sick, I hate having to stay in bed. I feel useless. I feel like I should be doing something even though I know if I went to work or did heavy housework I would just land up feeling really disgusting and not be able to even get out of bed. I know I need to rest but come onnnnnnnn… boring!

I also miss having my doggies to cuddle. #StuartDog always knew when I was sick and would come cuddle in my arms, sticking his wet little nose in my neck and snuffling me. It always made me feel better.

At least I’m feeling better and am back at work today.

Scary smart

Faith that is.

On Monday Aaron stayed home from school (he had a viral infection and was spiking nasty temps).

Faith informed us that the next day she was going to be sick so she could stay home too.

I laughed it off thinking she would forget about it.

But on Tuesday morning she woke up, coughed and told me she was too sick to go to school!

She is 2 years and 5 months old!

Needless to say, she was actually coughing and icky so I let her stay home with her brother.

I think I’m going to have to watch this child really closely.  Sneaky little thing!

Sick sick sick…

… and more sick!

It all started last weekend with Paul feeling a bit off, he went to the Dr on Monday and was diagnosed with Swine Flu.  He was so sick that for the first time in 6 years he took a sick day and stayed in bed, in fact he stayed in bed for TWO days, he was that sick!

On Wednesday I woke up feeling awful and took myself off to the Dr, Swine Flu too!

In the mean time Aaron had an on again off again temperature but never really got sick and Faith became snotty, coughy and congested.

On Thursday night we barely slept because Faith couldnt sleep so I decided to take her to the Dr on Friday morning, I also tool our housekeeper, Aletta with as she was also feeling like the dogs breakfast.

Aletta was booked off and given half a pharmacy for flu and Faith was diagnosed with croup.

Again, Aaron had a temperature the whole weekend on and off but never actually got sick.

The good news is that we all seem to be on the mend and hopefully there will be no more sick in our house for a long long time!