Its a dress, not a yes!!

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Slutwalk Johannesburg

It’s a dress, not a Yes!

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Slutwalk expresses the notion that no victim of sexual assault is the cause of that assault. No one ever asked to be raped.

Slutwalks originated in Canada in January 2011 when a representative of the Toronto police told a group of students, “women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimized”. A furore ensued, followed quickly by a protest march, the message of which reverberated so that there have now been Slutwalks in over 100 cities around the world. This August 25th 2012, Slutwalk is coming to the streets of Johannesburg for the second time.

We, the organisers of Slutwalk Johannesburg see Slutwalk as an international Movement which can help us raise awareness around a number of sexual assault issues; victim-blaming, corrective rape, gender violence and questioning the acceptance of a “rape culture” which has become the norm in our country. This is in line with the focus of the original Toronto Slutwalk.

In our country it is obvious  that sexual violence is a very pressing issue and in spite of Slutwalk this year being during Woman’s Month, it is not only a woman’s issue, it is an issue that all of society needs to address.

The participants at Slutwalk are ordinary people, mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters – people who believe in the vision of an equal society.  Some dress provocatively to emphasize the absurdity of much of society’s view on the issue, others dress in normal work or casual clothes in solidarity.

To quote Heather Jarvis, founder of Slutwalk: “From the very beginning in 2011 people were always encouraged to challenge slut-shaming language like “slut”, “whore”, “ho”, “skank”, “tramp”, etc. and never told they had to identify (with) one or another in order to participate. We’ve always maintained people should be safe to be who they are, how they are.”

If you’re human and believe that nobody, despite their age, sex, gender, sexual orientation or sexual history deserves to be raped, then come support Slutwalk and spread the message.






Slutwalk JHB is being organised by founder Sandi Schultz, Gina Jacobson, Nadia Assimacopoulos and Walter Pike


The march is happening 25 th AUGUST 2012 starting and ending at Zoo Lake Sport’s Club, Cnr Westwold Way and Lower Park Drive, Parkwood. People are asked to arrive at 10h30, speeches start at 11h00 and the march will start at 11h30.


Parking has been organized on the cricket field on Westwold Way and will be R10 per vehicle. The organizers kindly ask that participants carpool where possible and that no one park on the streets, in keeping with the resident’s association’s request.

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Afrihost – for sponsoring our website

Etana – for covering our Liability Insurance for the event

Lola Montez – for assistance with T-shirt costs

Foot Fashion SA – for donations

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FNB Savings Account


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17 seconds

A woman is raped every 17 seconds in South Africa.

A woman, not a slut.

That woman could be a granny, a mom, a teacher, a dancer, a lawyer, a cashier, a nun, a doctor, a farm worker, a singer, a student, a social worker, a teenager, a bookkeeper, a married woman, a virgin, a lesbian, a straight woman, a woman who wears a burka, a woman who wears jeans, a woman who wears a short skirt, a woman who wears takkies, a woman who wears heals, a woman who wears make up,  a woman who wears no make up, a woman!

That woman was not raped because she wore sexy or revealing clothing.  She was raped because a man raped her.

We should be teaching our boys and men not to rape!  Not telling woman not to dress a certain way or talk a certain way or behave a certain way.  Men should NOT rape!

This year on 9th of August we will be holding the second annual Johannesburg SlutWalk.

Please join us!

When: 9 August 2012

Where:  The march starts at Zoo Lake Sports Club

Time:  We will gather at 10:30am, you can drop of rape survivor bags, listen to a few speeches and  get into the mood before we head off for the march

Dress code:  Whatever you want to wear! Bra and panties, a burka, dress as a clown, your pj’s, a ballgown, a business suit.  Its totally up to you!

Who:  You, your mom, your grandpa, your kids,  your colleagues, your neighbour, your bus driver, your accountant, your dog (as long as they are on a leash and you clean up after them)

You can join our Facebook group here.

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Donate (we are a totally not for profit organisation (in the process of registering for a PBO number) and rely on donations and the kindness of others).