2nd annual Tattoo-A-Thon


What a fantastic initiative!

Last year Tattoo-A-Thon raised over R70 000.00.  This year they aim to raise R500 000.00 by creating a recording breaking 1000 tattoos in 1 day!

From the Tattoo-A-Thon website –

The project originated out of an education course called the Self Expression & Leadership Program curated by {Landmark Education},  following the Landmark Forum.  In order for the participants in the program to graduate, each participant must complete a community-orientated project using the structure taught throughout the program.  Jordan Gray took part in this program in 2012 and what turned out to be a cool idea has snowballed into something with a life of its own.

So how does it work?

R700 gets you an hour of ink time and a set size tattoo.  The funds raised from the event go directly to {CHOC}.   The organisation does not receive funding from government and rely heavily on donations from caring corporates, individuals and parents of children with cancer.  Donations and fund raising projects like Tattoo-a-thon are therefore the lifeblood of the organisation.

How do you book?

Contact one of the participating studios in {Jozi}, {Cape Town} or Durban and book your slot.  That simple.

More info

If you dont want to get a tattoo or dont have time/funds at the moment you can make a donation directly to CHOC {here} or you can volunteer to help out {here}.

Follow Tattoo-A-Thon on Twitter {here} and on Facebook {here} and check out their website for {FAQ}

HIR – A tattoo

A while after my {brother died} I got a tattoo in his memory.  In fact in memory of both my brother and {my dad} since it was my dad that taught us the meaning behind the words.

Honesty… Integrity… Respect!

Those are the words my father taught us and the words my brother lived by.

At first I wanted the words around my wrist.  That was the plan when I walked into {Jaded Ink}.

Jade had other plans.

We hashed it out and this is the end result.

Photo by Paul Jacobson
Photo by Paul Jacobson
Photo by Paul Jacobson
Photo by Paul Jacobson

*The initials are a.d.h. and c.s.h., my dad and my brother.

I am hoping to add a butterfly to the top of the ‘H’ just below my shoulder, I want a 3D electric blue butterfly.  I have to wait a while though since I am back on Roacutaine (and need to save up), so it will probably only be at the end of the year.

Tattoo or The Pleasure is Worth the Pain

I finally did it.  I went and had my tattoo fixed up and added to.

I went with my friend Jared this afternoon.  He had his done first (pic to follow shortly)

Jared's New Ink
Jared's New Ink

and then it was my turn.  The very talented Jade McLean of Jaded Ink took my very basic idea and created a custom design for me.  It took about 25 minutes and was as painful and not as painful as I thought it would be, if that makes any sense.

I was going to keep the ink to my lower back but we decided that would be too traditional, instead we moved up the right side of my back, and it leaves space to possibly add more at a later stage.

I am so glad I finally got to do this and I LOVE the final artwork!

The whole artwork
The whole artwork
A new take on an old tat
A new take on an old tat
The addition
The addition

Something my mother definitely does NOT approve of…

Jared, Shirley and I went to Jaded Ink this morning to discuss and choose our various tattoos.

Jaded Ink is owned and run by an old school friend, Jade.  I was so excited to see that he had opened his own shop and to see that he is doing so well.

Jared and Shirley have both decided on what they want and now have to decide when they are going to do it.  I have decided to fix up and add to my original tattoo and to keep the ink to my lower back.  I have made my appointment for Friday 29th so stay tuned, I will definitely be putting pics up!

Here is a shot of my current tat, it is on my lower back to the right and is slightly larger than a R5 coin.


The new section will run across my lower back towards the left and slightly lower and will have space to add more later on.  I want to add some twirly stems and two more ‘flowers’ to represent Paul and Aaron and our connections to each other, the space will hopefully be taken up by any more children we have.