Project: Get Fit – March

Last month I only managed 5 visits to the gym (although Im pretty sure I went more than that!)  I havent been to gym over the last week and a bit due to one thing or another but its a new month and we get to start fresh.

So 1 x Pilates class and 1 x Killer Abs done and dusted.

Tomorrow is Killer Abs and Yoga.

Thursday its Zumba!!

Sunday is another Zumba class.

And so it goes. This month my goal is to get in at least 3 visits a week.

My stats as of 4 March 2013:

  • Weight:                   52.2 kg (down 0.7 kg from last measurements)
  • Body fat:                 28.5 % (down 1.7 %)
  • Blood Pressure:   99/56 mmHg (slightly higher than last time)
  • Heart Rate:            73 bpm (down 12 bpm)
  • Tummy:                  80 cm (down 2 cm)
  • Thigh:                     56 cm (down 2 cm)
  • Arm:                        28 cm (down 1 cm)

So happy with my measurements!