That exercise thing…

It’s no secret that I hate anything resembling exercise. I’ve joined many gyms with good intentions that fizzle out after a month or so.

The fact is though, I’m not getting any younger and my metabolism isnt getting any faster. And even though I’m eating far healthier than ever I’m still feeling flabby and saggy and old. I need to do something to get a bit fitter. I’m not talking body building type muscles or CrossFit or anything, just something that gets my heart rate up and my muscles a little toned.

One of the good things about being car-less is that I walk a lot more than I used to. According to the health app on my iPhone I average about 4 500 steps (~3km) per weekday and about 9 500 steps (~6km) per weekend day. Not bad. But no where near good enough.

So when Rolene told me that our friend Alyssa was starting a Friday morning Pilates class I jumped at the chance to do some more exercise. It also helps that Pilates is pretty much the only exercise I think doesn’t suck.

I really enjoyed my first class last week and I felt it for days afterwards. I cant wait for tomorrows class too. Now I need to find some time to do a half hour or so on my own once or twice a week too.

And soon it will be summer and the pool will be open, I want to start doing laps too. 


So, here’s to getting fitter!

These boots were made for walking…

…or not.

We don’t have a car. This is not an issue.  With excellent public transport (trains and buses) and most things well within walking distance, we don’t really need a car.

That being said, my poor takkies (sneakers/running shoes) are taking a beating.  And don’t get me started on walking in my boots or ballet flats.

And my feet! I gave calluses on calluses.

On Friday Paul and I walked around running some errands.  Everything was within a kilometer or two of our house, but everything was in different directions.  We walked over 13km and only took the bus in the afternoon when the kids were with us.

Yesterday there was a kite festival in Modi’in.  It looked like fun so we decided to go.  We mapped out our walk on Google Maps and in theory it was a 35 minute walk over 2.8km.  We have a cram (Crappy pRAM) that we push Faith in, there is no way we would walk anywhere further than 500m without Faith being in the cram, she is slower than a turtle walking behind a snail. Going backwards.

Things started looking wrong when Google (bless it) decided to take us up a rather long flight of stairs instead of on the road.  We changed over to ‘car’ mode and the directions switched.  To a road on a very very steep hill.  I did get to take this awesome pano of our beautiful city though.



Ultimately it took us about an hour and 4km of walking to get there.  But once we were there we had fun.  we bought kites for the kids and some popcorn and drinks and spent a good hour or so flying kits.


The walk back was about 4km too but Paul managed to find a route without Mount Everest in it.

In total we walked almost 8.5km yesterday.

Most of the time I dont mind not having a car.  The last two days though… Yup, I would have LOVED a car!

How do you ambulate?


The staff at work laugh at me all the time.  I never, ever, ever walk slowly.

I don’t amble, I don’t stroll, I don’t meander. I don’t plod.

I stride, I march, I practically run!

Even if I have all the time in the world, I walk fast.

I have no patience for people that walk slowly in front of me.  Especially when they take up the entire passage space.  I always pass them and carry on.  I look like I’m rushing somewhere but I’m really not.  I just don’t see the point in walking slowly.


How do you move?  Fast?  Slow? Somewhere in the middle?