WIZO Bride of the Year!

The entries are closed.  Judging is taking place.  Seats are selling fast.

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All proceeds go to a wonderful and worthy project in Israel, Neve WIZO and to our local beneficiary, The Estee Lauder Breast Cancer Foundation.

Also, check out our very own Don Packett, giving his time, energy and sense of humour to the cause!

Of Dildos, Vibrators and Strawberry Daiquiris

Tonight was the first ever WIZO AVIV Shaffa event: Lola Montez and Bringing Sexy Back.

It was fantastic.  Sharon from Lola Montez was a scream. The daiquiris were delish and the ladies that attended were fabulous.

We learnt about the clitoris, the difference between a dildo and a vibrator, three things that automatically make you feel sexier (high heals, sexy undies and red lipstick) and that the most important factor to being sexy is attitude.

The venue was a bit on the large side but that being the only issue, I can, with the utmost confidence say that the evening was a success.

Gina, Paula, Rolene, Candice (absent Wendi & Anneri)
Gina, Paula, Rolene, Candice (absent Wendi & Anneri)


It was fantastic meeting Angel, I just wish I had more time to sit and chat.

Sharon and all the goodies
Sharon and all the goodies

More Ladies

*** thank you Shirl for being the official unofficial photographer!!!

Keep watching this space for details of future events.

Getting excited for Sunday!

Really really excited.

I had a moment last night where panic set in… What if no one turns up, what if the food is bad, what if people hate it and leave early?

I was so upset that I got out of bed and went to Paul for a hug. I sat on his lap and cuddled and told him all my fears. He asked a few key questions and suddenly I realised Im not worried about people coming, we have already sold so many tickets and the food will be great and everyone will have a fantastic time.

The WIZO AVIV Shaffa ladies have worked our butts off to make this a success and I have every confidence that that is exactly what it will be!

Now this morning I am so excited I could burst. This is going to be an amazing event with amazing women.