Inspired by art. #writersbootcampZA

{Maurice van Essche}

van Essche 1

A Belgium born, South African artist.

My grandparents had many of his original art works in their home.  I grew up staring at them.  Wondering about the subject matter and the artist himself.

I think that those paintings were why I chose to pursue art in school.

van Essche 2

I wasn’t a particularly good artist, I wasn’t terrible mind you, just not the best of the bunch and certainly not a natural artist when it came to painting.

I far prefer drawing, specifically colour pencils.  Or sculpture in clay.

I have no idea why but this one is my absolute favourite!
I have no idea why but this one is my absolute favourite!

Going through all the gorgeous van Essche paintings again now, makes me itch to pick up my pencils.  Maybe its time to start drawing again.

Doors and windows. #writersbootcampZA

Doors close and windows open.  Or some such nonsense.

We open the doors, we open the windows.  We make the opportunities we need.

If there is one thing I have learned it is that if you are not positive and proactive, there will not be any opportunities.  We make our own destiny.

Looking for a job?  Send your CV out.  Make phone calls.  Follow up on interviews.  Do the legwork.

Looking for a house?  Call the agents.  Ask for what you want. Don’t accept anything less.

Selling your car?  Make the phone calls.  Chase the buyers.  Name your price and stick to it.

You cannot wait for opportunity to come to you.  We make our own luck, good or bad.


Find a job ad in the paper. Write about your life if you had that job. #writersbootcampZA



First off let me just say, paper? Really? As in newspaper?

So, if I had the job mentioned above, I would probably be unemployed.

Once upon a time I would have been amazing at this job.  I love(d) helping people.  I could also let bad attitudes roll off me like water off a ducks back.

Today, I don’t take shit from anyone.  I will call you out on that crappy attitude.  I cannot stand rudeness or entitlement from anyone.  Treat people as you would want to be treated.  And if you treat me badly I will not stand for it.

Yup, I would have been fired from a customer service position in a heartbeat.

The only plus side of the job above is Cape Town.  Although I’m not entirely sure I could live there.  Holiday?  For sure!

I just couldn’t live without… #writersbootcampZA


I know its cliché but I really enjoy a good cup of coffee.

Its not even about the caffeine although that rocks too, its really more about the ritual of it.

Boiling the kettle, measuring out the grains, adding the milk and sugar.  The first sip of piping hot coffee.  The few minutes out of the day where you are not concentrating on work or kids or anything but that cup of coffee.

Right, I’m off to the kettle.  Who’s joining me?

One of my greatest fears #writersbootcampZA

Losing Paul.

I know I would survive without him but I’m not sure I would live without him.

He is my best friend, my lover, my other half.  He understands me like no one else.  He puts up with all my bullshit.  He calls me on my bullshit.  He is the most amazing dad and loves our children beyond reason.

The thought of being without him makes my blood run cold.


My 5 favourite words in English #writersbootcampZA

I love words, I adore words, I admire words, I worship words.

My father is responsible for the above.  We would go to the book store and buy books on words.  Not just dictionaries, but {etymology} books, books on the history and origins of sayings and phrases, books on synonyms, even cross word puzzle helpers.

If I wanted to know the meaning of a word, he made me look it up (no Google in those days so off to a dictionary I went), then I had to come tell him what I found.  Often I would get lost in the dictionary, finding word after word that looked interesting, almost forgetting what I had been looking up in the first place.

So, here are my five favourite words.

{Floccinaucinihilipilification} – Noun: The act or habit of describing or regarding something as unimportant or having no value or being worthless.

Supposedly this word was made up by pupils at Eton College.  having said that, this is a recognised word in English and one of my favourites.  I just love how it rolls off the tongue.

 {Plethora} – Noun: Over-abundance or excess.

I just dig the way this word sounds.  Its so expressive.

{Platypus} – Noun: The name of an aquatic, egg laying mammal, native to Australia and New Zealand.

I just think they are cute and have a funny name.  Especially the plural, platypi.

{Fuck – Noun, verb, exclamation.

There is nothing quite as satisfying as a good fuck. In any context. That is all.

{Love} – Noun and verb: So many definitions, too many to list.

This is why I adore the word Love.  It means so many things, to so many people.  The possibilities of love are endless.  No, really.  Cheesy?  I dont care!

Even if you know me well, you don’t know this. #writersbootcampZA

I hate making phone calls. HATE IT!  Even if it’s with someone I know.

I get butterflies in my tummy, my palms sweat, I try to think about what I want to say in case I screw it up.

I would far rather send a text or an email.

Having said that, I have been told that I come across as very confident and well spoken over the phone.

Inside though, I’m dying a little bit each time I dial.

The converse though, is I don’t mind if you phone me.  I will happily answer calls all day (my first few jobs were as a receptionist) rather than make a single phone call.