You favourite things – Faith

TV programme:  Gumball, just like Aaron, in fact if Aaron loves it so do you.
iPhone App:  You like listening to music on my phone.
Meal:  chicken nuggets.
Fruit:  Bananas and green apples.
Vegetable:  Carrots.
Breakfast:  Coco Pops.
Drink:  Cream Soda.
Toy:  Lightsabers, and anything your brother is playing with at that moment.
You love:  Your brother, your dummy and taggie, Aletta, Amber or as the two of you are referred to ‘FAmber’.

Something that happened yesterday:

You were sick yesterday and I took you to the doctor, afterwards he offered you a sucker which you took, you then looked at him and asked him if you could take one for your brother.  You said please and thank you.  Most impressed with you my angel!

New header

Have you seen my new header?  Look up.

The lovely Tanya at {Snapping Turtle Design & Print} designed my blog theme and kindly allowed me to bug her into updating 2 of the pictures in my header.

I cannot get over how big my kids have gotten!


Ps. If you cant see the new header hit ‘F5′ to refresh ;)

What to pack for an overseas trip?

In less than 2 months the kids and I will be jetting off to Israel for my brothers wedding.

What the hell do I pack?

For me? For the kids?

Thank heavens the kids each get a full 20kg luggage allowance but still… what the hell do I take with?

The weather will still be pretty warm (end of Summer beginning of Autumn), so at least the clothes will mostly be light weight.  Im more concerned with toys/fluffy bed companions for the kids.

Also, carry on luggage for the kids.  How much stuff do they need on the plane?

I am taking the kids iPad and my iPad mini (which I am getting on the weekend).  I dont know wether to take the LeapPad.  I will also take some paper and crayons but what else?

Who has been on a long haul flight, with a 3/4 hour layover?  Help me out here.  What did you take with for your kids?


So last night Aaron discovered the joys of teasing his younger sister.

They were both sitting in the bath when Aaron saw some ants floating by.  He let us all know that they were there.

Faith became quite distressed at the floating ants.  I dont blame her *shudder*.

When Aaron realised that Faith was upset about the ants, he started taunting her…

“Ants on your tummmmmy, ants on your baaaaaaaack!”

Over and over.

The more he sang, the more she cried.


Ahhhhh, siblings!

There are 4 of them! And I ran away!

4 kids in my house!

My 2 each have a friend today.  I didnt plan it that way, it just happened.

And I have never been as grateful that it is my full day at work as I am right now.

All the kids are amazing.  Polite, sweet, friendly.

But, OMG! Loud and active and shouty and wild!

I apologised to my nanny for leaving her with all 4 kids.  She laughed and told me to go back to work and they would be fine. As I was leaving she was herding them outside to play on the jungle gym.

Hopefully my 2 are all tuckered out and go to sleep early tonight!

Proud (geek) parent moment

On our first date, Paul and I discussed a variety of topics.  We both knew the relationship would probably work when we discovered that we are both pretty big SciFi geeks.

Our kids are well on their way to being little SciFi geeks too.

Its not uncommon to hear the strains of The Imperial March echoing through the house (they have it on the iPad) while two young {padawans} battle it out with light sabers (they create their own sound effects too) in the play room.

Aaron cannot wait for the new Star Trek movie to come out and loves The Avengers, he has an Iron Man figurine that goes with him everywhere.

Faith will often clutch a towel around her neck and run, fist in the air, shouting Superman, around the house.  She also shows you that Superman can shoot out his eyes, she leans her head forward and squints.

iphone pics 486

These are the moments that make my geek mama heart proud.


Scary smart

Faith that is.

On Monday Aaron stayed home from school (he had a viral infection and was spiking nasty temps).

Faith informed us that the next day she was going to be sick so she could stay home too.

I laughed it off thinking she would forget about it.

But on Tuesday morning she woke up, coughed and told me she was too sick to go to school!

She is 2 years and 5 months old!

Needless to say, she was actually coughing and icky so I let her stay home with her brother.

I think I’m going to have to watch this child really closely.  Sneaky little thing!

Your favourite things – Faith

TV programme:  Superman.  Anything Superman, cartoon, live action doesnt matter as long as the Man of Steel is in it.
iPhone App:  You love taking pictures with my iPhone.  ’Say cheese’ is your catch phrase.
Meal:  You eat pretty much anything we eat although you are not too keen on pizza, you prefer spaghetti and meatballs.
Fruit:  Bananas and apples and grapes.
Vegetable:  Carrots.
Breakfast:  Coco Pops.
Drink:  Cream Soda.
Toy:  Lego, lightsabers and your dolly.
You love:  Your brother, animals, school, and cuddling with mom.

Something that happened yesterday:
I wasn’t home most of yesterday so I will tell you something that happened this morning.  You were brushing your teeth and you turned on the tap to rinse and couldnt turn it off.  You came running into the dining room calling for Aaron to help you.  Once he had you smiled at him and said ‘Hank you Aaaaron’.

Girls in ICT

Today I had the absolute pleasure of attending the local Girls in ICT (Information and Communication Technology) event.

What is Girls in ICT you ask?

International Girls’ in ICT Day is an initiative backed by ITU Member States to create a global environment that empowers and encourages girls and young women to consider careers in the growing field of information and communication technologies (ICTs). International Girls in ICT Day is celebrated on the 4th Thursday in April every year.

Hosted by Anglo African Events in partnership with HP, a few of us bloggers and journos were honoured to be included among about 200 young ladies, these lovely learners are all in grade 12/matric and are starting to seriously think about what to study in the near future.

We got to listen to Keynote speaker, Melanie Botha, Marketing and Ops Director at Microsoft SA, she told us of her fascinating history in various companies across the globe, and imparted one of the most important lessons of the day: ‘Never stop studying, keep learning!’

This was followed by a truly inspirational panel of women, Pippa Tshabalala, Palesa Sibeko, Lebogang Madise, Ntokozo Ncongwane, Shana Kay and Tsoanelo Takaendesa.  These six women are, gamers, programers, IT security experts, app developers, business owners, teachers, tech consultants and all around awesome geeky gals.

These are the women that I want my daughter to look up to.  I want her to see what these women have accomplished and know that she is capable of greatness.  Whether she wants to be a ballerina, am astronaut, a doctor or a techie, she will know that she role models to aspire to.

Myself and Queen. Future tech wizard? I hope so!

Myself and Queen. Future tech wizard? I hope so!

I think that todays event gave that opportunity to a room full of intelligent, driven and motivated young women and I hope that they know they can make it in the ICT world, they just have to reach out and grab it with both hands.

I heart tech

I’ve said it before and I will say it again… Technology is AWESOME!

Like most families these days we are spread out all over the world.

My brother lives in Israel, my brother in law and his wife live in Cape Town and my sister in law, her husband and kids live in Australia.

Enter {Skype}, {Viber} and {FaceTime}!

Its one thing to send emails and texts, even chatting on Facebook or Twitter.  Thats great for us adults.  But what about our kids?

My kids get such a kick out of talking to their aunts and uncles and cousins and actually seeing their faces on the computer or on dads phone.

When they hear the Skype ring tone on my computer they come running.

Yesterday made the importance of these kinds of technology so clear for me.

Self portraits taken with mommy's phone!

Self portraits taken with mommy’s phone!

Faith and I were lying on my bed playing and she saw my laptop.  She looks at it then at me and says ‘Call uncle Maffew!’

I Skyped him but he didnt answer, Faith was a little upset so I messaged him to see if he was there.  He said he wasnt and we could Skype the next day.  When I told Faith she stared to cry (my little manipulative princess!) so I called him on Viber, put him on speaker phone and the two of them chatted for about 5 minutes with a promise of a Skype call later today.

Faith was over the moon that she got to call uncle Maffew a stinky bum. And more over the moon that uncle Maffew called HER a stinky bum back.

The best part is that when my kids see their uncles, aunts and cousins, they know them, they have seen them and spoken to them and they are not ‘strangers’ :)

Once again, I heart tech!


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