Three things.


On Thursday Aaron was at a play date.  They have a rather large and friendly dog who loves to play.  Aaron is very aware of the protocol for greeting ‘strange’ dogs, ask permission from the humans, hand out first so the dog can sniff him and then play gently.  The kids must have been a bit rough with the dog because Aaron got bitten on his arm.  Thank heavens he was wearing a hoody and a long sleeve T.  The bite broke the skin but didn’t bleed and we landed up having an anti-tet shot (which he has amusingly been calling a anti-TIT shot).  Thank heavens the experience didn’t scare him off dogs, he is still eager to play with any dog we come across.


On Saturday we were at our cousins for tea and the kids were playing in the garden, there was a flower bed/rockery that Faith was climbing in and she must have tripped over a rock and she landed on her right wrist.  It swelled up immediately and she wouldnt move her arm.  So off we went to the ER and an hour or so, and a few x-rays later we discovered she has a green stick fracture in her wrist.  She is in a soft cast for a few days and on Wednesday I will take her for a hard cast.  Poor poppet was a bit miserable but she seems fine now and she has adjusted to using her left hand without any fuss.  Such a little trooper!


Then on Saturday night, Aaron and I cleaned Ben the hamsters cage and played with him for a bit before bed time.  Sometime in the night Ben managed to break his back leg and when Aaron took him out to play with him in the morning he noticed it.  We rushed poor little Ben to the vet and were given three options, pin the leg and keep it immobile for six weeks, amputate or put the little thing down.  The first two options were risky in that he may not have survived the surgery and they would also mean he would have been in pain for quite some time.  I couldn’t put the poor boy through that so we made the decision to send him to the big hamster wheel in the sky.  Faith didn’t seem to really care when I explained it to them, she was more interested with the picture of the anatomy of a dog on the wall.  Aaron was a bit upset but he accepted that Ben wouldnt be in pain and that he was going to heaven.  He was quite happy when I told him that Uncle Cliffy would look after him.


So, all in all an adventurous few days.  Lets hope that when they say bad things happen in threes they are right and we are done now.

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  1. Yeah, that sounds like enough bad luck for a while.

    We had two hamsters and one died just over a week ago. I told the kids and the 6 year old just shrugged and continued what she was busy with. Then a few days later she noticed the plastic balls that we put them in to run around in. She noticed there was only one, and wanted to know where the other one was. I told her the other one broke months ago, and I threw it away. And it’s now not necessary to have two as we only have one hamster. With that she burst into tears and was inconsolable for a very long time

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