Aaron has had a cough now for over four weeks.  It started with a 3 am trip to the ER for croup.  A nebulizer and some cough mixture later the barking cough was gone.  But… he has had a persistent cough since then.  Mostly at night but during the day sometimes too, especially if he has been very active.  We went to our pediatrician two weeks ago and he gave us a new cough mixture and a nasal spray.  It helped some but not all the way.  Aaron has still been coughing.

I called the pead on tuesday and he prescribed a cortisone based syrup.  Bad idea…  Aaron woke up that night and for three hours spoke to the walls, fed his bottle to the rocking horse, emptied and filled up his toy box, walked in circles and generally had a nice high going on.  At 1 am he finally fell asleep and I poured the cortisone down the sink!

Last night he coughed so badly that he threw up, everywhere, even on the poor dog.  So today we went to see the pead again.  We have a new cough mixture, stronger nasal spray and a tablet that will open his chest a bit.  Hopefully this breaks the cough.  I feel so bad for the little guy, he always looks so miserable when he is coughing and even more so when he has vomited.

Hold thumbs for us that tonight he has a full nights sleep, uninterrupted by coughing or vomiting!

4 Replies to “Ongoing…”

  1. The golden rule of cortisone is: Only ever give it in the morning. It’s a stimulant, keeps em up all night. Shame man, doc should’ve told you. 🙁

    1. I did know, we had given it to him before, but the reaction wasnt nearly as bad. Poor kid, he was so exhausted he slept most of today…

  2. shame, poor kid! Have you tried making a lemon and honey drink? Seriously that works like a charm for a kid’s cough, and Carvol or Olbas to drop on his pillow.
    Hope you have a better night tonight

    1. Im gonna try the lemon and honey if he wakes up later. We put Carvl in his humidifier, works like a charm, we LOVE Carvol 🙂

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