The saga continues…

I havent posted about this in a while, I just didnt have it in me.  I know its only been 8 months of trying and there are women out there that try for many many more years than that but the last few months have really gotten me down.  I was feeling a bit defeated and wanted to just give up.

Then, just as I shook myself and said, “self, buck up, its not so bad, you are dealing with the issues and have the solution in hand, it WILL happen soon!”, I went to Israel, miscalculated my dates and landed up not having my next round of Clomid with me.

So last month I didnt take the Clomid and lo and behold I developed a nasty ovarian cyst, so bad that I landed up at Linksfield Clinic having an emergency scan to see what was going on.

The technician was very vocal in telling me that she couldnt really see what was my ovary, what was the cyst and hey, what is that thing over there, it looks like a second ovary right next to the first one!


So she called the radiologist on duty and, well, she also couldnt tell what was going on.  A wonderful colleague that had come with me then drove me home as I was in such pain I could barely walk, I got into bed and tried calling the obgyn for a script for strong pain killers but she was in surgery, I then called my GP who said they would send a script that never arrived.   My amazing husband went to the chemist and came back with the strongest over the counter meds he could find.  They didnt touch sides.

I went the next day for a scan at my obgyn and she came to the conclusion that not only did I have a massive cyst (at this stage it had already reduced in size) in my right ovary but my right tube was blocked and filled with fluid, this is what the tech at Linksfield had seen as a second ovary!  Also it looked like I had actually ovulated from my left ovary (yay me!).

The conclusion was that I would have to have a laparoscopy to remove any and all traces of cysts as well as clear the blockage in the tube and check for any endometriosis there might be.


We were not sure if I was pregnant already (remember I ovulated from the left side!) So she didn’t want to put me under an anesthetic until we knew if I was pregnant.  If I was then we would hold off any procedures until after the birth and if I wasn’t then we would arrange for the procedure.

Turns out I am not pregnant so we have made a date for the laparoscopy.  Unfortunately she is away for the next two weeks so we have to wait until the 28th of December.  I am a little apprehensive about that date because technically, if I ovulate this month, I will ovulate before that date which from past experiences causes a MASSIVE OVARIAN CYST!

Uggghhhhh, at least we are taking another step to sort out the issues.

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