Overheard in my office…

We have a Konica Minolta Bizhub, it is my baby, I sourced it, dealt with the sales rep, organised the contract and take responsibility for maintaining it.  It also stands about a meter away from my desk.  Many many  ‘Overheard in my office…’ moments take place around the copy machine…

I am busy working away, like the diligent worker I am, and out of the corner of my eye I see D standing at the machine with a hard cover, bound book.  She is searching for the page she wants to copy.

I think nothing of it.

Until I see her placing the book, the hard cover, bound book, on the document feed tray.

I look up and say very politely, “Um, D, you cant copy that like that, you need to put it on the glass.”

D says to me, “Are you sure?”

“Yes D, Im pretty sure that isnt going to work.”

“Ok.” says D.

She puts the book on the glass and makes her copies.

About 10 minutes later I see her come back to the machine, the same book in hand.

Wait for it…

She starts to place the book into the document feed tray, again.

“D! You cant do that, put it on the glass!”

“Oh, I was just making sure…”

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