Overheard in my office…

K: In my Windows Word page, why does every line start with a capital letter?

I bash my head quickly (and quietly) on my desk and get up to take a look.  Its exactly what I thought would be the problem…

Me: Ok, see, when you are typing and you get to the end of a line, you do not have to press enter, just keep typing and the words will automatically move onto the next line.

K: Oh.

Please, dear readers, be aware that this was the second time I had explained this phenomenon to the same person over a period of 6 or so months!

5 Replies to “Overheard in my office…”

  1. My best friend often says to work for my company you have have no IQ – it appears you guys hire whoever we dont have space for!

    Scary stuff I tell you!

    1. Some days I actually have to go take a walk. either ’cause Im laughing so hard or ’cause I want to slap one of them 😉

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